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Welcome to my blog! My name is CY. Hope my blog can help you to: light the fire inside you, get tips/ideas on travelling the world, advice on living abroad in New Zealand, and find inspiration to hold on to your dreams.


↓ Let the adventure begin ↓



My background:

  • Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Living in Wellington, New Zealand
  • Working full-time as an accountant
  • I am also a traveller, a writer, a slow runner and a beginner dancer


Why Opposite Journey?

In the past, I was an obedient girl who was sheltered by my family and friends. I had always been living together with my family and never stepped outside into the world until 24 years old. If you asked people about the impression of me, they would probably say ‘shy, timid, quiet, nerdy, passive…’ It was hard to imagine that I would go off the beaten path.


– But, I made a crazy decision all of a sudden.-


– I named my blog Opposite Journey because my life has become completely different.-

Life is a journey and I chose a different path. I was diverted from the road well-paved for me and heading to another direction of the journey. And I really enjoy my adventure because it makes me become who I am now. I believe everyone deserves to live his/her own choice of life. You can hold out for the best, or you can settle for something less. After all, we are responsible for our own lives, be it good or bad, at least it is our choice.

Perhaps, life is meant to be crazy! 👣

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~ May the journey never end! ~


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