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Everything in life is a miracle.
Every move, regardless how small it is, might change the entire life of you and others.

Sometimes we thought that things will turn out this way, but in the end it turns out in a totally opposite way. We can never imagine how easy it is to miss out on someone in life. If we knew, we may appreciate each other more whenever possible.

Because life is too unpredictable isn’t it?

I am an extremely lucky person,
I passed the driving test; I almost failed – just the difference of 1 mark.
I graduated with first class result; I almost didn’t get it – just the difference of 0.1 point.
I found a job in New Zealand; I almost missed the opportunity – just because I came at the exactly right time.

Everything happen in my life makes up of who I am now. If all these didn’t happen, perhaps I will meet different people and doing entirely different things now. Just a small difference, but it determines the outcome and future.

Sometimes it is about luck, but sometimes it is the efforts that matter. Sometimes it is both.
Sometimes I felt like we are almost there, but then realised it is always missing a step.
I thought that there is a chance to meet again, but never knew it was the last.

I believe in fate. Every ‘almost’ has a reason behind it. If it is almost yours, it is not supposed to be yours. I also believe that, when you miss out on someone, you will meet another one who should be coming into your life in anyway. I am grateful that I met all of you in my life regardless of the ending, as I almost didn’t meet you. Take care. 🙂


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