New Zealand, Oceania, South Island

Arrowtown – A village of fairy tale

Arrowtown, South Island, New Zealand

Arrowtown, South Island, New Zealand

Arrowtown is a place that I like very much. It takes about 20 minutes to drive from Queenstown to Arrowtown. It is a lovely village with beautiful flowers in everywhere, and it has ‘a feel of fairy tale’. I love this place. 🙂 Actually we planned to go to Queenstown for shopping because today is Boxing Day, and we nearly missed out this wonderful place! We are glad that we visited Arrowtown as we are surprised of its beauty.

We had a long and relaxing breakfast in a beautiful restaurant with a lot of flowers.


With my beloved mom


Arrowtown, South Island, New Zealand



Do you know what am I thinking now? 🙂

Chinese Village, Arrowtown, New Zealand

Chinese Village, Arrowtown, New Zealand

We visited Chinese Village in Arrowtown. This is a good place to visit as it has the stories of Chinese newcomers in year 1865 for gold mining. It is a good education for me. To be honest I am not a person who is interested in History, but I am quite interested about this in particular because I am a Chinese!

Chinese Village, Arrowtown, New Zealand

Their hut is very small, and few people living inside the hut together.


Toilet in old times

I feel empathy towards the newcomers who were striving hard to survive in New Zealand in the past. They worked extremely hard and they lived in a very small hut, furthermore they were not welcomed by locals. Many of them worked in New Zealand for few years, after they earned enough money (NZD$100-200) then they can go back to their hometown, buy a small farm and get rid of poor life. I am a bit touch and sad when I read till here.

I understand it is not easy to settle down in another country, especially when you are separated from your family and friends. It is hard to describe the loneliness. It seems that their life is much difficult that I could imagine, because they come to New Zealand to make a living. My original intention of coming to New Zealand is just for travelling and having fun. I am much luckier than many people and I am very grateful about it.


This house is mine!! No one can touch!! 😛





It is a happy day today. I hope I can visit Arrowtown again in different season. It is a very good idea to visit Arrowtown for a day trip, and having a relaxing meal in one of the beautiful restaurants. 🙂


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