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    My Uber Experience

    I am writing a separate blog post just for my Uber experience, because I have a lot to say about it. I learn to use Uber in Kuala Lumpur, because I no…

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    A Sudden Change

    I am very sad about something on these few days. Someone that I really admire has left. I know everything has its reason, but I am still very sad. Everything changed overnight.…

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    Petone Rotary Fair 2016

    This is the hottest February in New Zealand! I hate summer (because it is hot in Malaysia all the time) but I really look forward to Petory Rotary Fair, which is held…

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    Valentine’s Day 2016 at Café Chavi

    Today is Valentine’s Day in 2016! Ben is not in New Zealand so I am celebrating Valentine’s Day by myself. I bought myself a good meal in the restaurant that I have…

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    Chinese New Year 2016

    It is Chinese New Year again. Time flies! 2016 is the year of Monkey. It is a very important festival for Chinese. It is as big as the Christmas Day in New…