Short Writings

My short reflections of thought/ quote/ belief.

    Inspiration, Short Writings

    Only True Friendships Last

    Having a bosom friend is a blessing in life.

    A true friendship is unconditional – it thrives in good and tough times. We may not have the same beliefs but appreciate each other’s opinion. We may have conflicts but will never give up on the relationship. It takes efforts to maintain friendships but it should never be stressful.

    Some said it is easier to meet such friends in school or university, as you get older it gets harder to have good friends. I am a quiet person and usually takes a while to befriend people, and sometimes it may not turn out as good as I thought. Perhaps, one should never try too hard at creating or keeping friendships. A true friendship is to be found and not to be forced.

    I still believe in true friendships and such bonds can last forever. 🙂


    Inspiration, Short Writings

    Will this matter a year from now?

    Many of us are bothered by small things. Well, sometimes they are important but most of the times we get too serious about trivial matters and make a big deal out of it. We forgot to be kind and compassionate.

    I missed the morning train… Someone cut my queue… My boss scolded me… I received a parking fine… The cashier was so slow… That person was so rude… blah blah blah…

    Is it really that important? You may not even remember all these matters after 3 days, so why spoil your beautiful day with it? Just let it go. So next time when you are getting annoyed, ask yourself this question, “Will this matter a year from now?”


    Inspiration, Short Writings

    It is okay to be depressed sometimes

    Sometimes, the depression is a healthy emotion. It is telling us to give up the old way of thinking and behaviour, or simply let go of something that does not belong to us.

    Just like the physical pain is important to prevent our body to get injured; the depression is an emotional pain to prevent our heart getting (more) hurt. It may take forever to learn to let go, but at least we are trying and believing everything will be fine one day.

    And of course, don’t get too depressed!


    Inspiration, Short Writings

    No matter where you are, please shine.

    Since I embarked on my journey abroad, I haven’t seen some people in my life for a long time. No matter how close we were in the past, each of us got to move on with our own life. This is called, life.

    We may never see each other again. Or maybe one day our paths will cross again. Who knows? Yet, I hope everything is going well for whoever I have met and valued in my life. Because it’s what makes me becomes who I am now.

    Please shine, even if we may not meet each other again.