Chinese New Year 2016

It is Chinese New Year again. Time flies! 2016 is the year of Monkey.

It is a very important festival for Chinese. It is as big as the Christmas Day in New Zealand. I really wanted to celebrate CNY in my home country this year but, I missed again, although I made a promise to myself last year.

I did not do much on this CNY. I went to my friend’s house for a very big dinner:


Chinese New Year is the day that I like the most when I was a kid, because there are a lot of food and soft drinks. And the Chinese biscuits are very tasty. Many relative and friends’ parents will give Angpao to me. I could not feel the CNY atmosphere in New Zealand because the people here do not celebrate CNY.

I really wish to celebrate Chinese New Year again. I haven’t celebrated CNY for 4 years and I really miss it badly. I want to celebrate CNY in Malaysia before I get married so that I don’t have to give Angpao. 😛

Today is also a public holiday in New Zealand coincidentally (Waitangi Day). I went for a lunch at Pearl Restaurant because I was craving for Chinese food. Actually I was a bit upset. When I was in the restaurant, I was asked a few times if I was waiting for someone by different staffs. Hmm… is there something wrong that I am alone in this CNY? I was hungry and hoping for a few dim sum (although I have ordered fried rice), but the staff just won’t come to me because I was sitting alone.


The seafood fried rice was quite good. But I looked strange because I was the only person who sitting here alone. Well, I know CNY is the day that we should be together with family.


On this CNY, I went for horse riding and it was fun! I also watched a few CNY movies at home and listened to CNY songs. Well, perhaps I have different kind of happiness…

I am going back to Malaysia for a short vacation in which I really look forward to. I am coming home. Please wait for me 🙂


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