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Europe is my dream & why it is worth pursuing

Europe is my dream destination…

Dreams are beautiful, no matter how big or small – and pursuing them is one of the most beautiful things that we could ever do in life. Therefore, I have been planning my dream trip over a year ago: saving money, convincing my family and friends, and re-planning my itinerary over and over again… And finally, the moment has come. I fulfilled one of my dreams at 28 years old: travelled in Europe for 64 days across 15 countries and more than 20 cities with a backpack, mainly solo.

…that is worth pursuing, for every part of it.

Many things happened in Europe. I missed my trains, nearly hit by cars and bikes, disturbed by weird guys… Yet, it was so fun. I fall deeply in love with Europe: the old architectures, rich history, exquisite sculptures, magnificent castles, beautiful cities… and met so many amazing people that I would never forget in my lifetime. How can I not love Europe? Here are a few photos of me in this amazing place. 🙂

a1-europe-switzerland a2-europe-belgium a3-europe-netherlands a4-europe-prague

I have learned so much from this trip. Every destination is unique; each of them has something different to offer to travellers. All the photos here are original and unedited (except some very basic edits such as brighten the photos if too dark), because I want to show you the ‘real Europe’ and I love it for what it is. In below, I picked some amazing destinations in Europe and tell you why it is worth visiting them.



Paris, France

b1-europe-france-paris b2-europe-france-paris

Why visit Paris?

  • For the romance since it is called the City of Love.
  • If romance is not for you, then just wandering around the city like me and looking at those pretty, elegant, and well-dressed women in everywhere of Paris.
  • The iconic Eiffel Tower will move you to tears.
  • Read more about Paris


Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


Why visit Luxembourg City?

  • A small city yet I can’t stop falling in love with it.
  • Often overlooked by tourists but it has more than what you think of.
  • Read more about Luxembourg City


Bruges, Belgium

d1-europe-belgium-bruges d2-europe-belgium-bruges

Why visit Bruges?

  • A quaint little town with artistic architecture.
  • It is relaxing to sit down and see the cute swans swimming in the Lake of Love.
  • Great waffles, chocolates and beers… it is Belgium!
  • Read more about Bruges


Holland, The Netherlands

e1-europe-netherlands-amsterdam e2-europe-netherlands-zaanse-schans

Why visit Holland?

  • A very special destination.
  • You can go party and get crazy in Amsterdam, and then on the next day take a short train to somewhere very quiet and beautiful.
  • Go to Zaanse Schans, a beautiful and romantic windmill village. Very Dutch feel. A real fairytale.
  • Read more about Holland


Copenhagen, Denmark

f1-europe-denmark-copenhagen f2-europe-denmark-copenhagen

Why visit Copenhagen?

  • Denmark is the happiest country in the world!
  • Feel like a kid again at Tivoli Amusement Park.
  • Visit the Little Mermaid statue… that reminds you that not every fairytale has a happy ending, yet still would rather have a person you could die for.
  • Read more about Copenhagen


Krakow, Poland

g1-europe-poland-krakow g2-europe-poland-krakow

Why visit Krakow?

  • A glorious city with shiny golden buildings and many beautiful horse carts.
  • Cheap and delicious food.
  • Just relax here and do not think too much.
  • Read more about Krakow


Bratislava, Slovakia


Why visit Bratislava?

  • Perfect for a day trip from Vienna.
  • The blue church is so sweet and beautiful… it can melt the heart of a woman.
  • Visit the Bratislava Castle – that inspired the famous story ‘The Little Match Girl’.
  • Read more about Bratislava


Prague, Czech Republic

i1-europe-czech-republic-prague i2-europe-czech-republic-prague i3-europe-czech-republic-kutna-hora

Why visit Prague?

  • I don’t mind walking in the old town for a whole day because I just like this place.
  • Charles Bridge is breathtaking, especially at sunrise and sunset.
  • Go for a day trip to Kutna Hora, a small city near Prague and visit the creepy Church of Bones 😱
  • Read more about Prague


Munich, Germany

j1-europe-germany-munich j2-europe-germany-munich

Why visit Munich?

  • For the craziest beer event in the world – Oktoberfest. It is more fun to wear the Dirndl costume.
  • Climb 300 steps up to the top of St Peter Church for €3 and enjoy the stunning view of the city.
  • I wanted to visit Neuschwanstein Castle but I had a bad hangover because of Oktoberfest!
  • Read more about Munich


Gimmelwald & Mürren, Switzerland

k1-europe-switzerland-gimmelwald k2-europe-switzerland-gimmelwald k3-europe-switzerland-murren

Why visit Gimmelwald and Mürren?

  • Mesmerised by the white snow mountain view, green grass, wooden houses, blue sky… It is a fairytale.
  • Gimmelwald is an undiscovered beauty. A very simple and quiet village. It is only you.
  • Walk to Mürren and enjoy a meal with a lovely view.
  • Read more about Gimmelwald and Mürren


Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

l1-europe-switzerland-jungfraujoch l2-europe-switzerland-jungfraujoch

Why visit Jungfraujoch?

  • A memorable experience for taking the steepest train ride to the highest train station in Europe, Jungfraujoch (although it is over-priced).
  • Hike in the snow and look for the characteristic restaurant in Mönchsjoch Hut.
  • Read more about Jungfraujoch


Venice, Italy

m1-europe-italy-venice m2-europe-italy-burano

Why visit Venice?

  • For the unique (and a bit annoying) water transportation.
  • The boats, the bridges, the lovely buildings… Venice is undoubtedly a beautiful destination.
  • Strongly recommend a visit to Burano (near Venice), a colourful town with brightly painted houses.
  • Read more about Venice


Rome, Italy

n1-europe-italy-rome n2-europe-italy-rome n3-europe-vatican-st-peter-basilica

Why visit Rome?

  • A beautiful city with exquisite sculptures, rich history and mysterious stories… no wonder Rome captures the heart of so many travellers.
  • A really big city with many things to see and do.
  • Must visit Colosseum and Trevi Fountain in the night.
  • Go for a day trip to the Vatican City, the smallest country in the world that located inside Rome. You won’t regret it. (see the Pope if you come on Sunday!)
  • Read more about Rome and The Vatican City


Athens, Greece

o1-europe-greece-athens o2-europe-greece-athens

Why visit Athens?

  • Be amazed by the impressive ancient architecture in Acropolis and Agora
  • Go shopping in Monastiraki and get good bargains
  • Really, really good food at a cheap price
  • Read more about Athens


Santorini, Greece

p1-europe-greece-santorini p2-europe-greece-santorini p3-europe-greece-santorini

Why visit Santorini?

  • Every inch in Santorini is beautiful and romantic ❤
  • See the characteristic blue and white buildings that always appeared on postcards
  • It has one of the best spots in the world for seeing beautiful sunrise and sunset
  • Read more about Santorini


Transylvania & Bucharest, Romania

q1-europe-romania-dracula-castle q2-europe-romania-peles-castle

Why visit Romania:

  • You won’t forget the mysterious Dracula’s Castle and beautiful Peles Castle once you visited them
  • Discover the dark history of communist era in Bucharest that will blow your mind
  • Read more about Romania


Vienna, Austria

r1-europe-austria-vienna r2-europe-austria-vienna

Why visit Vienna?

  • An artistic city with many beautiful sculptures
  • The home to many famous composers such as Mozart and Beethoven
  • Have fun in the interactive music museum (Haus Der Musik)
  • Read more about Vienna


Other destinations: Brussels (Belgium), Berlin (Germany), Malmo (Sweden), Florence and Pisa (Italy), Budapest (Hungary)


I miss Europe already 🙂

This is a big trip of my lifetime that I have planned for a while. It is not that my life will change immediately after the trip, but rather it broadened my horizons and taught me the life lessons, as well as an inspiration – that I have the ability to pursue and fulfil my dream. It means so much to me, as I am no longer the small little girl who can only put my dreams in my heart.

Travel sometimes makes me feel tired, as I don’t know if I can cope well in an unfamiliar environment and new people. When I was travelling, I always miss my warm and cosy home. But when my trip finished and I have returned home, I miss Europe so much. This journey is one of the most beautiful memories in my life. The most important lesson that I have learned from this trip: ‘Travel with a thankful heart, no matter where you go.’ As this is the only way to discover the beauty of a place. ☺


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