Fiji, Oceania

Anchorage Beach Resort – disappointed stay @ Day 4

Anchorage Beach Resort, Fiji

Anchorage Beach Resort, Fiji

We stayed at Anchorage Beach Resort on the last day of our ‘honeymoon’ trip in Fiji. The resort is located close to the airport in the mainland (Viti Levu). Honestly, we are quite disappointed with our stay here. The beach and water are not clean; the view of the scenery is common – nothing special at all. Personally I think Beachcomber Island is 100 times more beautiful than here!

The only merit of staying at Anchorage Beach Resort is that the resort is very big and nice. It also has many facilities (including air-conditioner).

Anchorage Beach Resort - room, bed, balcony, bathroom

There are two basins in the resort, so I asked my friend if we could brush our teeth together… but she rejected my offer. Why doesn’t she brush her teeth together with me? >.<

Anchorage Beach Resort

The dinner in the resort is great and delicious, and it is free. – It is a full course dinner: vegetable soup, seafood pasta and desert:

Anchorage Beach Resort's food

The Wi-Fi works perfectly well here, but soon we realize it is a disadvantage! Once we have the internet access, we kept playing Facebook in our phone and hardly chat with each other. It is a very bad habit. We miss our time at Beachcomber Island with no Wi-Fi access.

Our last memory in Fiji:





Things to remember for my future honeymoon trip:

1) Must stay in a place with limited Wi-Fi access. Preferably in a small and remote island. We can definitely survive without internet. In a place with no network connection, the main entertainment would be ‘human connection’, such as looking at each other and chit chatting. This will make the trip more fun and romantic!

2) Take lots of photos – must bring a tripod! Photos will keep the memories forever.

3) Relax… Do not plan too many activities. Should take our own sweet time in the trip. Plan for a longer stay if possible. Four days Fiji trip is a bit too short for us. It should be at least a week.

Nadi Airport

Something happened when we took the flight back to New Zealand. We picked a seashell (dead) in the Beachcomber Island and put it in my luggage, then I did not declare it when filling up the declaration form. New Zealand has very strict rules on goods declaration. I was very nervous and decided to tell the officer in the Customs area, but I suddenly become a stammer!

“Ac…actual…ly… I… I… brought….. a…. sea….shell… shell… ah… sou…ve..nir…”

The officer did not understand what I have said. In the end my friend helped me to clarify to the officer. I realized that I cannot do something bad! I am very timid and my body will betray me. Now, this incident becomes a joke of my friends.

Goodbye, Fiji!

My experience at Beachcomber Island


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