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Gardens by the Bay is a nature park located in Central Singapore. It is a good place to go if you love green, flower and peace. We visited Gardens by the Bay as it was recommended by Ben’s mother (a wise decision). I was skeptical at first because I thought it is ‘just another garden’, but in the end we had a very good time here. My mother and brother said that we should have spent more time here instead of Universal Studios Singapore. TripAdvisor recommended it as the #1 of 740 things to do in Singapore at the time of writing, so it can’t go wrong!

We took UBER and reached Gardens by the Bay at 8.20am. We had our breakfast at McDonald here. The garden open from 5am to 2am, but most of the food places open at 8.30am.

It is a really, really big garden. You will need a day to explore it. Unfortunately, we are taking an afternoon flight so we only have 2-3 hours here. There are many different gardens inside Gardens by the Bay, e.g. Malay Garden, Indian Garden, Mediterranean Garden, etc…

A couple was sitting on the bench quietly – isn’t this romantic? 🙂

01_Gardens by the Bay

The entrance to Gardens by the Bay is free, but you will need to pay SGD28 to visit both Flower Dome and Cloud Florence. Trust me, it is definitely worth the pay.

We went to Cloud Florence first – it was the highlight of our visit in Gardens by the Bay. When we entered into Cloud Florence, we were surprised that the temperature was cool and pleasant – a good escape from the heat in Singapore. The waterfall is amazing.

We took lift to the top (level 6) and then took a stroll along the walkway. The view was lovely.

02_Gardens by the Bay 03_Gardens by the Bay 04_Gardens by the Bay

I love the photo below of my brother very much – it looks romantic isn’t it?? I wonder what my brother was thinking…

05_Gardens by the Bay

I like this place 🙂

06_Gardens by the Bay 07_Gardens by the Bay 08_Gardens by the Bay

Photo below is Crystal Mountain – we thought it was a real mountain when we saw the name =.=”

09_Gardens by the Bay

Beautiful and relaxing

10_Gardens by the Bay

Unfortunately, we were running out of time and we still had Flower Dome to visit. So we only spent an hour at Cloud Forest. If we weren’t in a rush of time, we would like to take a slow walk and enjoy this beautiful view. Our next stop is Flower Dome which is just 2-3 minutes walking distance from the entrance of Cloud Florence.

The Flower Dome is the largest glass greenhouse in the world as listed in the 2015 Guinness World Records (as per the official Gardens by the Bay website). As per its name, it has a lot of flowers, in addition, a lot of good spots to take photos.

11_Gardens by the Bay 12_Gardens by the Bay

Little fairies live here 🙂

13_Gardens by the Bay 14_Gardens by the Bay

Flower Dome is beautiful, but personally I like Cloud Forest more. Flower Dome entertain your eyes, while Cloud Forest relax your soul and body. I feel more relaxing while at Cloud Forest.

How can I forget my selfie? 😛

15_Gardens by the Bay

If you want to visit Gardens by the Bay, my only advice is to come as early as you can especially during weekend. Any place is less fun if it is crowded. When we came at 9am, there weren’t many people but it was very crowded after one hour later. Also, it is hot and humid in the afternoon that you may want to avoid.

16_Gardens by the Bay

We left Gardens by the Bay at 11am. It was a very short visit and we wish could have more time here, anyway I am glad that we came. 🙂


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