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Got to move on

April is not the month of writing. I have not updated my blog for almost two weeks. It is not because I do not have time, but I am lack of inspiration and motivation to write. One of the reasons is that I am addicted to a Chinese show (I am a singer) recently. Another reason is that there is not much going on since I am back from vacation – got to take some rest!

Well, at least things are still moving. πŸ™‚

My workplace is completely different as there is a dramatic change here. Many of my colleagues have left. There are a lot of unknown and uncertainty, and it looks like it never ends. Anyway, on my day one on the site I already knew that this is not a normal project.

I have learnt a lot. Many thoughts flash into my mind. Things that you should be expecting when you work a dangerous project:

You can climb up quickly, but can also fall miserably.

You can celebrate the glory when it is successful, but you may be kicked out anytime before the victory.

You are the star amongst the rest, but do not expect that it will last forever.

You think everything is just fine, but the storm always comes without warning.

We could never predict the world, even when we are so close to it.

There is appreciation for commitment. But there is no tolerance for failure.

It is not about how much you have done; it is about the final result you have achieved.

There are trade-offs.

Still, if you have a chance, try it.


We are constantly looking for challenges in life. I do not want to put too much stress on myself, at the same time I know that I can’t be too comfortable in one place.

There is nothing to be worried. I would find a way for myself, just like I always did.

Just go with the flow πŸ™‚


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