I Love KFC

I am a big fan of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

KFC is a super delicious food! The KFC in different location has different tastes, e.g. there are more flavours in Malaysia. I prefer the KFC in Malaysia but it is not too bad in New Zealand.


I had a memorable story about KFC when I was working in the vineyards in Blenheim. It was the poorest moment in my life so far. Eating KFC was a big luxury for me.

At that time, my friends and I walked for a few kilometres to the KFC restaurant. The NZD$5 of Snack Lunch was our top choice (one piece of chicken + one burger + chips + soft drink) because it was the cheapest deal. I felt not enough after I finished the meal, and I was hesitant for a long time to decide if I should have another Snack Lunch. Finally I didn’t buy it because NZD$5 can cover many meals.

Now I can afford to eat a lot of KFC, but I am not able to eat as much as before as my appetite is reduced. Anyway I still go to KFC almost once per week. I am trying to cut down the consumption of KFC because I know it is unhealthy!

KFC might be a luxury for some people but it might be inferior for some people. If you can afford to eat a lot of KFC, you are a very lucky person in the world and should appreciate it. 🙂


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