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Jogging in short sleeves during winter

Recently I enjoyed jogging in Waterfront. It is relaxing to jog in such a lovely seaside town after a long hour work; sometimes this has become the most looking-forward thing of my day.

It is actually very cold and windy (as usual in Wellington!). The first few minutes are freezing, as you can imagine since it is winter now. But once my body is warmed up, that’s when the joy begins. I can just leave my mind empty and flow with my body. 🙂 Still, my fingers are numb. >.<



Do I look sporty?


Naked man!! XP



I feel that the sky is exceptionally beautiful today – is it true or just my illusion? 🙂



Some people thought that I went to gym as there is a free gym in my office, but that’s impossible. I hate gym, because I hate being trapped in a small room. I love fresh air and sky. Just like a bird love flying in the sky rather than being locked in a cage.

Selfie in the office (secretly) – hmm who am I looking for?

I have been living in Wellington for more than two years. I love this city. Wellington is a simple city. I do not have too much stories here although I have lived here for years. It is a place to peace and calms my mind and my heart, so that I am prepared for a longer journey.


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