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Korea Busan trip – Gamcheon Culture Village

Korea01_Busan Gamcheon Culture Village

Gamcheon Culture Village, Busan, South Korea

We travelled from Seoul to Busan by Korea Train Express (KTX) which took 2 hours 40 minutes. Busan is the second largest city in Korea. It is known for its beaches, hot spring and nature reserves. Busan is a good choice for travellers who are seeking a more laid back atmosphere than Seoul.

We stayed at Hotel BS Busan Station. This hotel is very nice and comfortable. It is also very close to the Busan Station. Better than I expected!

We visited Gamcheon Cultural Village by the taxi that costs 6500 won (about USD$5.60). It is very convenient to take a taxi in Korea. You do not have to catch a taxi from the stand, instead, you just wave your hand to the taxi anywhere, and they will pull over if they do not have any passenger. There are A LOT OF taxis in Korea. Please make sure that you show the driver the destination in Korean words.

Gamcheon Culture Villiage is formed by houses built in staircase-fashion on the foothills of a coastal mountain, earning this village the nickname of “Machu Picchu of Busan.” From VisitKorea

Korea03_Busan Gamcheon Culture Village

When we arrived, we had a lunch before started walking… Noodles and noodles.


I love this village! It is very artistic. The decorations are very attractive. Such a lovely place ๐Ÿ™‚

Korea04_Busan Gamcheon Culture Village

There are some residents staying in this area, so we should not make a loud noise!

Korea05_Busan Gamcheon Culture Village

There are many art shops and cafes along the street. We did not visit all of them because some of the shops need to access by the staircase (my mum will get tired). Well, it is a relaxing trip. ๐Ÿ™‚ I bought a few selfie sticks and a tripod here. Is is the best selfie stick that I have seen so far!

Korea06_Busan Gamcheon Culture Village

It is a fish!

Korea07_Busan Gamcheon Culture Village

Finally, we reached this. Some said that it is Santorini in Korea. Do you think so? ๐Ÿ™‚

Korea08_Busan Gamcheon Culture Village

The houses are colourful ๐Ÿ™‚ It is such a beautiful place, isnโ€™t it?

Korea09_Busan Gamcheon Culture Village

Selfie with my mum because I just bought a new selfie stick ๐Ÿ˜€

Korea10_Busan Gamcheon Culture Village

Actually, it is also quite a romantic place! One side is the colourful houses, and the other side is the love painting. Quite an interesting place.

Korea11_Busan Gamcheon Culture Village

Many couples โ€˜lockโ€™ their love here (see the top of the photo below). It is weird that I am here with my mum? >.<

Korea12_Busan Gamcheon Culture Village Korea13_Busan Gamcheon Culture Village

A little bit hungry…

Korea14_Busan Gamcheon Culture Village Korea15_Busan Gamcheon Culture Village

There are many food stalls here and they look so delicious. Unfortunately, I had a sore throat so I couldnโ€™t have much of them. :'(

Korea16_Busan Meal

We had a dinner at the restaurant nearby our hotel. It is very hard to communicate with the restaurant owner as they only speak Korean! We ordered one meal and they gave us two, and we thought it is pork but it is fish. Luckily the food tastes good.

It is a shame that we did not explore Busan much. I slept a lot because I was sick. I think I had too much spicy food since I was back to Malaysia last week. We only stay in Busan for 2 days and will go back to Seoul by KTX.


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