Life in KL

I am back in KL. This is going to be a long holiday, and I am going to make good use of it – relax, relax and relax. The last time I came back to KL is March this year, so it is not that long ago.

01_KL view

This is KL – a lot of cars and buildings. But it is still cute 🙂

I miss the temperature in New Zealand – not too cold or too hot. Although the temperature in Malaysia is terrible, the food is nice and I am able to see my family and friends. Well, there is no perfect place to stay isn’t it…

A few things are going on. Our house has just been refurbished, so we are moving to a new house. I am also preparing for my big trip to Europe. Besides, I am spending more time with my family so I have not started to contact my friends yet.

I went out with my best friend and did our ‘favourite activity’. We also took a lot of selfies. She recommended me a very interesting photo taking app called “Snow” – below are only some of the effects (only the first photo is normal):

02_Wselfie 03_Wselfie 04_Wselfie 05_Wselfie 06_Wselfie 07_Wselfie 08_Wselfie 09_Wselfie 10_Wselfie 11_Wselfie 12_Wselfie 13_Wselfie

We are crazy hahaha… a bit silly but it is fun 🙂 I am really back in KL.

For now, I want to spend more time with my family;
And travel with my family, as it may be hard for me find time next time.


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