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Merry Christmas, Queenstown!

2014 Christmas, Queenstown, New Zealand

2014 Christmas, Queenstown, New Zealand

My mother and I are staying in Queenstown on 2014 Christmas Day. A lot of the shops are closed but many souvenirs shops are still open. We can see a lot of families coming out today, which is very different from other places in New Zealand. This is because Christmas is a very big day in New Zealand, most of the shops are closed and people stay at home but Queenstown is an exception!


I am wearing a super red dress today because today is Christmas!

(For me, Christmas = Red!?)


The water is clear, and some people are swimming in the sea. It is no doubt that Queenstown is a beautiful place. However Queenstown seems a bit too commercial for me. It is full of tourists and I am not really a big fan of this place.


My mother, myself and… two strangers!!??


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


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