My 27th Birthday

It is a sunny day, because it is my birthday today.


The day is beautiful. I am celebrating my birthday from the 10++ floor. The view is excellent.


Looking at the sea and buildings, my feeling is complicated. I had never expected that I will be here. One month can change a lot of things; in fact, every second can be life-changing.


Sweet memories on my 27th birthday:








  • My favourite bubble milk tea – original flavour
  • Dinner – home cook chicken Risotto and ice cream
  • Birthday cake and candles (the cake looks really beautiful!)
  • Birthday song (in Chinese)
  • I cut the cake with knife
  • Birthday present – photo frame. Because I like to take photos (very much!)
  • Promised to have a card on every celebration.

I felt warm 🙂 I am really happy as I have not celebrated birthday like this for a long time. The warmest thing is the heart which wants me to be happy. It is pure.


On the last few days I think of many wishes to be made on my birthday, but in the end I made a weird wish.

In my home country, the birthday person can’t tell other people about the wish that he/she has made; otherwise the wish will not come true. Also, the birthday person must cut the birthday cake. The birthday person must blow the candle out in one. Actually, I don’t really believe in those things, but I think it is an interesting culture so will just do it 🙂


I am officially 27 years old now. Time flies! It is time to get out of my cave. It is time to think about my future. It is time to see the world, otherwise I will be getting old very soon 😛

Although it seems unreal and unrealistic, a voice in my heart is telling me to live the present to the maximum. This is my life, and this is the only life. I know it is scary and sometimes insecure, but I just want to go with the flow. I want to be more crazy this year! 🙂


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