My Europe Trip

I am traveling to Europe tomorrow.

It is a 2 month backpacking trip. Most of the time I will be on my own but Ben will join me in the last 2-3 week of my trip. I have been planning about this trip for a very long time… because it is my dream. 🙂

Because of the trip I have done all these:
Substantial amount of research, book many hotels and flights, bought a Eurail Global Pass, prepared a very detailed itinerary (though I don’t know if I will stick to it) and a complicated budget tracking spreadsheet, bought a light laptop so I carry my laptop around easily and write my blog…… and everything that I need for this trip.

I have spent a lot of time for the preparation before the trip. I don’t like too much preparation, but I need to do it for safety reason.

I am ready to begin my big trip – the only question is: Am I emotionally ready?

A lot of people tell me that it is unsafe to go alone, yes I knew that and I mentioned on my other blog post “Why I quit my job”, but well I guess I am the naughty one. I am actually quite scared too, but I know I have already decided and I can’t afford negative thoughts. I will do it.

It costs me a fortune – about NZD$14k (USD$10k) for everything including contingency. I will put the details of my budget on my other post later. There is a popular quote saying that “Travel is the only thing buy that makes you richer”, and I love this quote. Experience is priceless.

Recently I go to Starbucks a lot because I need a cool and quiet place to renovate my blog (let me know if you have any suggestions) so it is ready to put more stuffs while I am in Europe. – do you know, one of the main reasons that I started this blog is for this Europe trip (though I planned for a longer trip originally). And it is easy to get lost emotionally if you do not have a place to put your feeling.


I have been waiting this trip for long time, but I can’t believe it is tomorrow. This is a trip of a lifetime! I am nervous and excited at the same time. I will update my blog frequently in these two months 🙂


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