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Ohariu Valley – horse riding

Ohariu Valley, Johnsonville, Wellington

Ohariu Valley, Johnsonville, Wellington

I enjoyed a one-hour guided horse riding tour in Ohariu Valley! Before the tour started, I had a lunch in Saddleback café. Saddleback café is a popular café in Johnsonville and it locates just next to the horse riding place. It is a very warm café. I had an egg benedict with salmon. It is very delicious but the portion is small, so it only fills a corner of my stomach. Saddleback Cafe, Ohariu Valley, Johnsonville, Wellington 04 Wellington, North Island, New Zealand
Walking around the café before the horse riding tour started

The horse riding experience this time is very different as compared to my first time in Wainuiomata. The experience in Wainuomata is very scary but exciting, whilst this time is more relaxing but less excitement. The best word to describe the horses here is “lazy”. They walk very slow, and sometimes stop walking. I have to kick the horse frequently in order to keep it moving! I have enjoyed seeing a very beautiful scenery view on top of the hill. New Zealand is such a natural and beautiful country! Unfortunately I didn’t take any photo while riding because I didn’t bring my camera and phone. If I knew the horse is walking at such a slow speed, I would have brought my camera along! If I have a daughter in the future, I wish she could learn to ride a horse as I think this is very cool. Horses are cute isn’t it? It is best if they could run freely in the green field. Ohariu Valley, Johnsonville, Wellington Ohariu Valley, Johnsonville, Wellington

An innocent horse

  Learn horse riding! I decided to take horse riding lesson. My first lesson is on next Saturday! It costs NZD$70 for half an hour private lesson in the beginning. Once they think I am okay then I can join a group lesson, which cost NZD$65 for one full hour lesson. It is an expensive hobby! I don’t think I can afford to go every week. I might be the most clumsy student that they ever had! And I think I will give up after 1-2 lessons, hahaha!! But, I decided to give it a try since I am in New Zealand, which is an excellent place to learn horse riding, so I want to grab this opportunity. 🙂 Ohariu Valley, Johnsonville, Wellington

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