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Petone Rotary Fair 2016

This is the hottest February in New Zealand! I hate summer (because it is hot in Malaysia all the time) but I really look forward to Petory Rotary Fair, which is held in Wellington every February.

Petone Rotary Fair is a very fun event in Wellington. There are many food and game stalls. New Zealand is a very quiet place, and it is good to have a lively event here.

Kids were crazy for this!

We kept eating and eating. We had kebabs, chips, sausage, beef, dumplings… they were delicious! We were very full. We also had cold drinks because the weather was so hot.
Petone_Rotary_Fair_2016_04 Petone_Rotary_Fair_2016_05

The ‘gold man’ is interesting!


We played a lot of games. We won a masque and two soft toys: fish & minion. So lucky… 🙂 Though we spent a lot of money on this, we were so happy when we won them.

Family photo! Family members have increased.

I like Petone Rotary Fair. It is a special event for me. 🙂


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