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Pick Your Own (PYO) Strawberry at Penray Gardens

This is my third visit to Penray Gardens – check out my first blog about it here.


Penray Garden is located in Otaki which is an hour to drive from Welington. But, we took much longer to reach the place because we couldn’t stop eating on the road! We began our trip at 11am and finally reached at 1.30pm.

It is a sunny day today.


There are not many strawberries as compared to our previous visit. I suspect that is because it is almost the end of the season. We have to look hard for the strawberries as they are very shy (hiding)! Well, we already expected that because they post their update on the Facebook saying that the strawberry supply is limited today, but we still want to come because we might need to wait for a long time before we can pick strawberry again.


It was fun to pick your own strawberry 🙂 And very satisfied.


I was very slow. The weather was hot and Ben was waiting for me under the shade. And I was secretly taking his photo.


Three packs of strawberries for two of us!!

Strawberry_Penray_Garden_06 Strawberry_Penray_Garden_07 Strawberry_Penray_Garden_08

The best thing that I love about the trip today is that we always stopped on the road and explored (means we were finding food around the place). We discovered Koru Ice which was just 2 minutes walking distance from Penray Gardens. It is an ultimate happiness to have an ice cream in such a hot weather!


We also had Wendy ice cream in Paraparaumu. I felt like we kept eating ice cream today. >.<


Overall it was a relaxing trip! I had a great day 🙂 One surprise is that we found a big shopping mall in Paraparaumu. I want to go shopping there at some time!


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