Ben gave me a bunch of roses because it was our 2-year anniversary of being a couple. I am writing this special post to express my love for the roses.


Roses are unique

The life of a rose is short but beautiful and stunning. It takes only 1-2 weeks for the process from blooming to death. Roses are beautiful but are full of thorn, perhaps, they are too vulnerable to live without protection.

Every rose is unique and every colour of rose has a different meaning. Red roses mean passionate love. White roses mean pure love. Pink/orange roses mean young and fun. Yellow roses mean farewell and jealousy. This is the complete Rose Colour Guide – for guys, keep this if you want to send roses to girls! 🌹👧

However, the interpretation of the colour is just the general perceptions. If you believe that particular colour represents different things (which may be different from what other people think), don’t be afraid to break the rules! 🙂


I don’t want to leave without the roses

Our apartment had no power and we stayed at Travelodge hotel for a night. I decided to carry the bunch of roses to the café and our hotel because I know its life is too short, and I didn’t want to waste a day of the roses in the empty apartment where no one can appreciate it.

The roses are quite heavy and so it is quite troublesome to carry it around, yet I am secretly glad that more people are able to see the roses at its most beautiful blooming time.

Letting the rose sit on the chair


A short poem for the roses

I wrote a short poem from the roses’ point of view. It is a very short and simple poem as I have not written poems for a while. I hope the poem below conveys the thoughts of the roses. 🙂


I come to the world with a mysterious mission,
as the little shy flower to be put in a vase.
My life is not mine and is quickly fading away,
Yet I am proud to bloom as if there is no tomorrow.

I can never see and hear anything good or bad,
but I am sensitive and am capable of joy or sorrow.
I can feel your heart from the way you touch me,
and I am willing to devote my life to a smile of yours.

I wish you have discovered the deep side of me,
beyond my thorn and my beauty and my silent passion.
Cuz I am thriving and shining without the fear of dying,
for showing the best of roses in my most beautiful days.

Sometimes, I think the life of roses and women are alike. We are sensitive and living gorgeously with a strong sense of presenting our best appearance to the society. I always remind myself to thrive like a flower, and also appreciate my life and freedom that the roses long for.

I hope the roses feel my love! ❤️


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