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Rugby at Westpac Stadium – Hurricanes vs Jaguares

I watched rugby at Westpac Stadium with Ben. This is the first time in my life that I watch sport in a stadium!! I I am very excited. I know nothing much about rugby, but it is the biggest sport in New Zealand and so I should learn more about it.

Details of the event:

  • Date and Time: 9 April (Saturday), 7.35pm
  • Location: Westpac Stadium, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Match: Hurricanes (New Zealand) vs Jaguares (Argentina)

01_One Red Dog

All the nearby restaurants were very crowded and fully booked. Luckily I booked early at One Red Dog Restaurant in Customhouse Quay. We had chicken wings and garlic bread here. We did not eat much because we were planning to eat a lot at Westpac Stadium. πŸ™‚

02_Wellington Railway dancing

When we were on the way walking to Westpac Stadium, we saw some people dancing at the railway station. It was very interesting! It seems like it is the event from Argentina. Ben promised to bring me dancing in Argentina one day.

03_Westpac Stadium

Wow… The stadium is awesome! We reached early when the stadium was not quite occupied yet.

04_Rugby at Westpac Stadium

We bought a lot of food, i.e. hot dog, fish and a lot of chips. We really ate a lot! I was so happy. πŸ™‚


Coincidently today is 21st year anniversary for Hurricanes, so there are a few surprises. We received free Hurricanes flags. Also, the ticket price was cheaper than normal price, i.e. Bronze seat cost NZD$19 whereas it usually cost NZD$27. Since I am a Vodafone customer, I can get β€˜2 for 1’ ticket price (means only $9.50 for one person!) so it is really cheap.

Ben saw the helicopter at the top and he asked me if it was for this event. I told him that the helicopter was lost… Then, the Captain Hurricanes came out from the helicopter! Obviously I was wrong >.<

06_Rugby Stadium Helicopter

I like the fire in the photo below. Ben said that this event is special because of the 21st year anniversary – so they were willing to spend a lot of money today. I was very lucky. πŸ™‚

07_Rugby at Westpac Stadium

Ben kept explaining to me about the rugby games because I did not understand.

08_Rugby at Westpac Stadium

Most of the audiences were very excited when Hurricanes scores. Ben supports Hurricane so I must support Jaguares? In the end, the scores were about 42 vs 22. Hurricanes won.

09_Rugby at Westpac Stadium

At last, let me post a selfie of myself on the day πŸ˜›

10_Selfie on rugby day

I am really happy today. I really enjoyed this event although I am not a big fan of rugby. πŸ™‚ I love the atmosphere and when people get excited when their favourite team scores. I hope one day I will be going for a bigger match.


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