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Travel. Live. Feel.


I have to admit that I am not a person who is happy to stay in only one place for the entire life. I always want to travel around the world and live in the place that I love the most with my soulmate. I love a famous quote by Hans Christian Andersen: ‘To travel is to live’.

And I would add: ‘To live is to feel’.

Traveling and Living are different

When I travel, most of the decisions are short-term. Let’s say if I made a bad choice by staying at a crappy hostel, it is not a big deal because I will only stay for a few days. For most of the time, I think about where to visit… what to eat… who I will meet… and how to get to the next destination.

But, living in a place is different because it is a long-term decision. Since I have decided to live in New Zealand, I have to make wiser decision because it may impact my future career and what I will end up with my life. Now I think about where to live… what to do during free time… who to connect with… and how to adapt to the new culture.

You escape from reality when you travel. You create your reality when you live.

Some people can make a living by traveling, but most of the people don’t. Once the trip ended, many of them live in the same way as before. But I don’t want that to happen; I want to keep myself passionate as always, so I chose to live abroad. I am constantly learning through this way because it makes me feel that my adventure has never ended. There are more possibilities for my future and the uncertainties always keep me exciting.


But, it is not just a matter of development. It is also about the inner feeling. Here is an interesting part: Maybe you do not like the place when you travel in there, but you might fall in love with that place when you actually live in there.

I hate Wellington on the first impression – expensive hostel, terrible food, and I barely spoke to anyone. I left Wellington after a few days, and then I came back because I received a job offer here. Later, I fall in love with this city after living here for a few years. I realize this city has a standard of living is higher; I have also found a good companion and some hobbies that I really love to do. When you are in love with the place you live, your life is full of joy. 🙂

So, go travel and find your ‘Soul Place’ to live.

There is a popular saying: ‘your best friend may not be your best travel companion.’ And I want to say: the most popular place may not be the best destination for you. The best way is to travel and live there for a while to see if you love it. By doing so you might be able to find your soul place.

So, next time when you are travelling, don’t just travel; try to live and get to know the place.
When you are living at a place, don’t just live; try to feel more and find the happiness in there.


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