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Today is a Saturday. I feel like walking around aimlessly – No destination, no reason, and no delay.

When I walked out from my house, I saw a bus heading to Wellington town so I just take a ride. After I had a lunch in Wellington town, I saw a bus heading to Island Bay so I take another ride. I don’t mind where it is going, as long as I have my own sweet time. πŸ™‚

Island Bay

Island Bay is smaller than I expected. There are less shops and restaurant, so it is very quiet. I noticed most of the houses here are very old. Some houses look interesting!

Wakefield Park

Wakefield Park β€“ playing soccer

The advantage of walking alone is that my schedule is very flexible. I can stop in any place at any time. But the downside is that nobody helps me to take photo! Hence selfie…


I saw a big beautiful green field, so I walked in. Oops… I realised this is a place to play golf.




I wish I could walk more. Unfortunately it starts to rain and becoming colder, so I take a bus back to Wellington town and do some shopping.

Wellington city

I bought a few working clothes. Actually I don’t like to buy working clothes. I have many clothes in my closet but not working clothes (so I always wear the same clothes to office)! Since I changed job recently, I think it is good to dress up a little bit? I bought two shirts and two dresses, as well as few cardigans to match my dresses.


Do I look like an OL? (Office lady) πŸ™‚

Overall I have quite a good time by myself today. I hope the weather will become warmer!


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