Toward Living Abroad

Why You Should Leave Your Home At Least Once in Life

After living with my family for more than 20 years, a spontaneous decision changed my life. I left my home and began my journey abroad although many people have asked me to stay:

“There are many dangers outside the world.”
“You will be disappointed as it might not be as good as you think.”

Still, I want to do it. The enthusiasm has outweighed the insecure feeling. I know I am not alone, as the number of people stepping out into the world is increasing. Why do people choose to get away from the relaxing home despite so many uncertainties in the world? What is so good about the idea of traveling and living abroad?


It is a trend 👀

There are more people moving out from family and living on their own in the contemporary world. I don’t mean that you should follow the trend blindly, but there are many reasons to move toward this trend as the benefits are numerous.

In some developed countries, the people appreciate the idea of moving out and believe that it is an essential experience in life. It is a good way to keep up with the world; it also develops you to be more mature and self-reliant.


Just for the fun! ❤️

Life is too wasteful if we have not done something crazy. The world is full of unknowns and uncertainties, as well as too much happiness yet to be explored. If you are reluctant to try, you will miss out on all the excitements that might happen to you.

Your new journey might not be pleasant all the way, but it is definitely fulfilling and memorable. You will see amazing scenery and meet wonderful people beyond your imagination.

Thanks for being part of my life!


Enrich your life 💃

Visiting other places open your mind, help to build networks, and develop soft skills. These abilities give you more opportunities in life, because luck favors the prepared mind. Some people often blame that the opportunities have never came to them and life is unfair, but never take efforts to do something different. If you are reluctant to make sacrifice, you will never get more than what you are getting now.


There are too much to learn out there 📆

Experience is the best teacher in life. You will learn new culture, new skills, and ways to become a better person along the journey. Never stop learning, even if you have settled down in a place. The world is moving too fast. We are either catching up with the world, or being left behind. We tend to learn more after we left home, because we will no longer be protected by family and friends.


It might be the turning point in your life 🔮

Who knows you might discover a new interest that you weren’t aware of? Who knows you might discover new career opportunities? And who knows you might fall in love with the new place or people?

I am glad that I left my home at my most beautiful age, and so I have found my true love and experienced things that I could not imagine in the past. Therefore, I strongly encouraging to leave your home at least once in life, as you will never know who you will meet and how far you can go until you do it.

I still love my home. I never realized how much I miss my home until I left. My family is a strong motivation for me to search for better life, as I know they will be happy for me. And I know there is always a home for me if I am lost one day. That’s why I am brave enough to make crazy decisions in my life. This is my life, and so is yours.


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