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World of Wanderlust – A beautiful travel book

A few weeks ago, I borrowed a book from the Wellington Library. The book title is World of Wanderlust which is written by Brooke Saward.

World of Wanderlust - book cover

This is a beautiful book with many colourful pictures and words, so I can follow the author’s stories of adventure. Her photos are really pretty – I hope I will have taken those photos too!

If you are looking for a lot of practical information about travel or specific destination, this book may not be suitable. But if you want to be inspired to travel, this is the book.

World of Wanderlust - random extraction

I was inspired by the book and am going to make a cork board map this week.

The book shows you some wonderful destinations, travel tips (I especially like the tips about how to take better travel photos and DIY cork board map), and a lot of inspirational writings and graphics to make you want to go adventure immediately.

I wish I could own this book! But I couldn’t find it in the bookstores in Wellington and it’s strange that I couldn’t find a hard copy on Amazon, so I can only borrow this book from the library for a maximum of 6 weeks.


Every traveller has his/her own adventure stories. 👣

If you love to travel, I recommend keeping your travel photos/ memories and then create something out of it, such as a blog, cork board map, scrapbook, photo book or any handmade craft. It is not for any return; it is just for fun. 🙂

I am glad to have created this little blog for my journey. I hope one day I could publish a book too!


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