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Youngsters’ Trip to Taupo – 4D3N

I joined my company’s Fresh graduate / Interns trip to Taupo for 4 days 3 nights. There are 11 of us – 5 from Wellington and 6 from Auckland.

I disguised as a fresh grad although I am too old to be a fresh grad. I hope no one discovered that I am the oldest! Well, actually I wasn’t lying – I joined my company as a fresh grad…… 5 years ago. I am happy that I was invited to the trip. This is the first time I am going for a trip with such a big group of people in oversea.

We left the office at 4pm+ and reached Taupo at about 9pm+. It is a super big house! There are endless rooms and bathrooms; this is a very good choice of accommodation~ good for a big group.



First night at Taupo – Drinking! And Drinking!


We played the ‘game of balls’ (not sure what it should be called). This game is fun – throw the ball to the cup and drink. You win the game once you hit all the balls into opponent’s cup. This is my first time playing this, and I realised it is harder than you thought! I played one round – and was commented as ‘the longest game ever’. =.=” It seems like I have no talent in this!


Chatting time… I am amazed by how much they can drink! Especially a friend of us like drinking shots – she kept pouring shots for us. A voice in my heart: “Shot again!?”



Water Rafting

I had a bad hangover on the second day. We went for water rafting. This is the first time I did the water rafting; I was nervous… and I was really brave to raft in the winter!


We joined a water rafting tour. They supplied all the equipment including wetsuit, life jackets, gloves and etc. Once I get into the van, I felt something was not right… Opps!! I wear the wetsuit inside out!! (so you can see a part of my leg as I wasn’t able to zip all the way up)… I asked the guide, he said: ”It’s ok.. It still has the same function but, errr… it just makes you look a bit different from others.”

It was so embarrassing!! I hope no one discovered that >.<” Actually I injured my leg in a stupid accident on the night before, and it took me a huge efforts to wear the wetsuit, so there is no way I would take this off! I would rather be different.


I jumped off the cliff!! (actually only about 1 meter) I have acrophobia so it is a big achievement for me. 🙂


The water rafting is more fun than I expected. It is very exciting. I really enjoyed, especially when the boat was moving fast and we were almost falling to the river! I will definitely do it again.


The group photos


I laughed when I saw this certificate (with my name on it)! Haha! This water rafting company is so thoughtful. Overall this is a very good experience for me, and I would recommend Tongariro River Rafting to others. It costs NZD$98 per person (if you have at least 10 people). I think it is of good value.



Second Night – Drinking Again
I didn’t take any photos on the second night. In fact, I was exhausted after the water rafting. I slept early (at about 12am). My friends are very energetic as I knew they have stayed till 2am+ again, I salute them! I feel that I am a bit old!


Huka Falls
This is the second time I visit Huka Falls, but this is the first time I am hiking Huka Falls Track.


The scenery is amazing. The colour of water is really outstanding. It is not difficult to understand why it has been one of the famous tourist attractions in New Zealand.

Taupo_12 Taupo_13 Taupo_14

I love walking, especially walking in beautiful nature. I was very satisfied!


Wow, I didn’t realise there is a hot pool here. Please bring a swimsuit next time.


This clip is the highlight of our walk! (but I am not sure why?)


What is this?


Third night – drinking again!!?? All drunkards XP


Drinking in the pub. And listening to the live music. I didn’t drink much though.


Fourth day – driving back home.


The view is nice isn’t it? Actually Wellington is beautiful.



PS: My injured leg. It was okay during the trip but when I got back home, it is painful at night. Unfortunately I had no First aid kit at home so I just took the pain. I was thinking: if a man helped me to bind up my wounds now I will definitely marry to him! Hahaha! But well, it is more realistic to rely on myself, and now I understand the importance of storing First Aid Kit at home. I bought the kit on the next day and bind up the wound. It seems like I need to forget about my favourite jogging and horse riding in the short-term!

Time to get back to work! I will be doing another trip very soon again. 🙂


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