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2 days in Brugge

It takes about 1-hour to travel from Brussels to Brugge by train. When I arrived in Brugge, my first impression was: ‘Oh my god! I love this place!!’ This is a very beautiful and quaint little town. I fell in love with this lovely town at first sight!

I stayed for 2 nights at Hostel Lybeer Brugge. The hostel is at a very central location. It is a clean hostel with comfy room and friendly staff – a good choice for backpackers – costs €25 per night.

b01_Brugge a03_Brugge a02_Brugge


Wandering around in the city

The check-in time is 3 pm but I reached Brugge early before 12 pm, so I spent some time walking around in this lovely town alone. I kept thinking: how could I not fall in love with this place?? The buildings are really beautiful – they are all a bit different in design.



Lake of Love is peaceful

Minnewaterpark, or called Lake of Love is another amazing view. The lake is peaceful and the swans are cute (they kept looking around for food). I spent more than an hour just sitting here and looking at the swans. Their life is cute and simple. Perhaps mine could be the same too.

b02_Brugge b03_Brugge


An unexpected free walking tour

When I walked back to my hostel at 3 pm to check-in, someone asked me if I was following her walking tour. I had no idea what she was talking about, so I said: “no, I wasn’t”. Then, I saw a gal at about my age, and she told me: “you should go; it would be fun! It is free.”

I was very ‘blur’ and thought about it for a few seconds, then I said: alright. It was my first free walking tour experience and later I was so glad that I joined the tour. This is an unexpected coincidence so that I am able to understand more about Brugge and have a new friend.

The tour is called ‘Can You Handle It?’ (CYHI). The name of the tour guide is Camila. Her explanation was very clear and informative, and she is also very interesting and fun. We went to a few churches, main attractions, and she explains some interesting history as well as recommended a few chocolate shops and restaurants.

She explained the difference between the waffle in Brugge and Brussels. The Brugge waffle is sweet on its own so it is better without topping while Brussels waffle is not so sweet on its own. I tried both and I have to say I prefer Brussels waffle. Brugge’s waffle is too sweet. But anyway I am not a big fan of waffle.


A long walk with my friend

After the tour finished, I had a long walk with the friend that I just made. We literally walked almost the whole town of Brugge. We also walked around the residential area. They are not big in size but very lovely and beautiful.

b04_Brugge a04_Brugge b09_Brugge b07_Brugge


Chocolate and Beer 🍫🍺

Belgium is all about chocolate and beer! I must say I love this chocolate beer (best two things in Belgium combine together) hahaha. If Belgium is the last stop of my trip, I will buy more chocolates.


The tools below are chocolates – will you eat them?


The famous Beer Wall in Brugge:


Many things are overpriced here, but we were able to get a pasta for just €3.50!! (recommended by the tour guide) Actually, there are quite a few shops selling cheap pasta (€4 or below), so if you are not looking for Belgium food you can have the pasta at a very good price.


Brugge after the sunset

The view in Brugge is romantic after the sunset. Since it is summer, it is still bright at 9 pm.

c01_Brugge c02_Brugge


Brugge in the morning

It is a very peaceful view in the morning in Brugge. The lake is calm and the sunshine is beautiful.

When I arrived in Brugge, I thought it is a good place for retirement. But when I think more about it, it is actually not so good because there are too many tourists here. Too many tourists (like me >.<) are annoying for the residents isn’t it?

e01_Brugge e03_Brugge
Duck face hahaha!!
e04_Brugge e05_Brugge e07_Brugge


Brugge is a perfect destination ❤️

Brugge is ideal for the travellers who love sightseeing. It gives me a feeling of romance and fairytale. You can walk around the town, mesmerised by the beauty… or you can relax at a café and get a delicious waffle. It is a very touristy place and I can understand the reasons.

Before I came to Brugge, I was thinking 2 nights in Brugge may be too much because it is just a small town. After I came here, I feel that this is the right amount of time, and I actually don’t mind spending another day just to relax and sit down and do some writing in a café (most of them have free wifi). I met someone at the hostel who is staying 7 nights in Brugge! This is not her first trip but she just loves Brugge so much and she decided to come back again. I definitely love this place. 🙂

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