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Cold Wellington

Finally, it is getting cold in Wellington.

The weather was unusually pleasant in Wellington for the last 5,6 months. Finally, winter is coming to Wellington. It gets very cold in Wellington since last 2 weeks. The strong wind and heavy rain… this is Wellington!! It’s time to take out my winter clothes… I love winter clothing. 🙂

A warm coffee in cold Wellington keep me happy. My fingers are always cold, so sometimes I put my fingers on the cup of coffee to keep me warm.

1_Wellington Coffee Mojo


Recently I am addicted to Nando’s Chicken because of Ben. Although he is away, I still keep eating Nando’s chicken nearby my house. The staff recognized my face and told me: “You come here quite often.” But do you know, eating extra hot chicken during cold weather is really a wonderful experience!

2_Wellington Nandos Chicken


I used my heater a lot recently. My electricity bill is very expensive during winter, i.e. NZD$100++ per month (just for one person!). But I am not able to give up my hot shower and heater… >.<

I went for a walk at Korokoro track on one of the weekends. It was sunny when I left the home, but suddenly it rains when I was in the half way. This is one of the problems in winter (it’s not even officially winter yet)… I didn’t finish the track. Anyway I quite enjoy the walk. It was romantic!

2.5_Wellington Korokoro track


What else to do in cold weather? Well, had a high tea with my friend over the weekend at Louis Sergeant. The food was quite good. We were lucky to have the best seat… nice couch and window view. Really have nothing to complain. 🙂

If you want to come, remember to make a booking first! When I came here for the first time with my friend, we didn’t make a booking and the restaurant was full.

3_Wellington Louis Sergeant High Tea 4_Wellington Louis Sergeant High Tea 5_Wellington Louis Sergeant High Tea
Two pink ladies


Had a walk in the town and saw this. Poor car…!!


Wellington is always cold and quiet, especially in winter. I love winter, first of all, it suits my personality. 😛 Also, the weather is hot all the time in my home country so I prefer the cold weather.

Enjoy the winter! 🙂


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