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DreamWorks Exhibition at Te Papa 2016

If you are a fan of Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar, you cannot miss DreamWorks exhibition at Te Papa (Wellington, New Zealand). DreamWorks have produced quite a few famous animation movies, such as Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Monster vs Aliens, The Croods, Puss in Boots and so on. I went to the exhibition with Ben on Saturday.

dreamworks-te-papa-01Information about DreamWorks Animation Exhibition:
Venue: Te Papa Museum, Wellington, New Zealand
Date: 12 Dec 2015 – 28 Mar 2016
Price: Ticket for one adult is NZD$15. Different rates for family.
Click here to go to official website

dreamworks-te-papa-02The lovely penguins – they are very smart and can drive a plane! (from the movie ‘Madagascar’) It doesn’t make sense right? But well, why should it makes sense? 🙂 Animation is for dreamer.


dreamworks-te-papa-03Kung Fu Panda is fat and cute and… determined. My favourite! 🙂

dreamworks-te-papa-04This is a game for you to customize the facial expression of Kung Fu Panda. It is very fun but hmm… I think I might have made his face cramped?

dreamworks-te-papa-05If you have watched Madagascar, you might recognize the wall. The zebra always looked at this wall in the zoo and dreamed that he would had freedom one day. One day, the 4 animals escaped from the zoo. After a while they went back to zoo, and then escaped from the zoo again. Ben said that these animals are very troublesome… hahaha.

dreamworks-te-papa-07Ben thought that were books (behind us) and wanted to pick them up =.= By the way, the exhibition is not a good place for taking selfie photo because of the lighting.

dreamworks-te-papa-06This is actually very nice and interesting. It is a 3.30 minutes video from a dragon’s eye view. The view was amazing and we watched twice! I wish to fly too.


dreamworks-te-papa-08A dog with a beautiful farm house



Overall, DreamWorks Exhibition at Te Papa is very small, yet I have a very good time here. It is a good place to go especially for family. It reminds me of the good time of their animation movies. Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar are my favourites! The exhibition is also very informative as you can learn more about animation (although I was too lazy to learn) through the descriptions or you can also play games and watch video for interactive learning.


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