Fiji, Oceania

Flirting at Beachcomber Island @ Day 3

Beachcomber Island, Fiji.

Beachcomber Island, Fiji.

It is a bit cloudy today. The view of the ocean is not as nice as yesterday, yet it is still beautiful. We went for kayaking, swimming in the sea (with a life jacket) as well as feeding fishes from a boat. The day is relaxing and we have really enjoyed our time here.

Beachcomber Island - colour of the sea

Beachcomber Island, Fiji

Kayaking in Beachcomber Island, Fiji

Swimming in Beachcomber Island

Feeding fish in Beachcomber Island, Fiji.

Feeding fish in Beachcomber Island, Fiji.

Feeding fish in Beachcomber Island, Fiji.

I couldn’t recognise Fijian people’s face as they look all the same for me. This problem is similar to non-Asian people usually having hard time in recognising Asian people’s face. The guy in the photo above was my ‘personal coach’ for snorkelling yesterday and we have been chit-chatting to each other on the boat, but I still couldn’t recognise his face. Finally I remember his face after taking this photo!!

**** Flirting time!! ****

One of the most important purposes of travelling to Fiji is that, we want to take a lot of seducing photos in sexy bikini! We are a bit embarrassed to do this in the public area, so we found a place with not many people and begin to take flirting photos.

Flirting in sarong

Flirting in sarong

Flirting in sarong - failed

In the photo above I was trying to seduce people by showing off my leg… but obviously I have FAILED, hahaha!! The effect was very unnatural. My friend said that I have no potential to be ‘sexy woman’ while I have the potential to be a ‘silly woman’. I want to learn to be sexy but she said that the talent is in-born and cannot be learnt.

My friend

My pretty friend

My friend is good at taking sexy photos, as she really knows how to pose for photos. But the problem is that she always want to flirt with me!! Unfortunately I am not a man and I am not interested in woman. >.<

Actually we have taken a lot of sexy photos in bikini, but I will not share these photos as they are just for self collection. 😛 If we get married in the future and our body is out of shape, we will show our bikini photos to our kids and tell them that their mother has a good body shape in the past. 🙂

Good to be natural!!

Beachcomber Island, Fiji.

Beachcomber Island, Fiji. - jumping high

Beachcomber Island, Fiji.

Photos to witness our ‘love’:

Drawing on sand

Drawing on sand

Drawing on sand

Drawing on sand

Drawing on sand

I like the picture of the house very much which was drawn by my friend. It is very cute! There are people taking photos of our drawing and I am sure that they thought we are a lovely lesbian couple. =.=

Hot stones

Unfortunately we are leaving Beachcomber Island today. Before we leave the island, we found that the dinner today will be cooked with the hot stone. It looks interesting and delicious, but we will not be able to try it because we are leaving soon. Not fair. T___T

Beachcomber Island, Fiji.

I am definitely in love with Beachcomber Island! We had a really memorable time here, and we have laughed a lot together. This is a lovely place with amazing scenery and people. I would certainly recommend Beachcomber Island to any traveller!

Day Four at Anchorage Beach Resort


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