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Glamping on Cockatoo Island, Sydney

Glamping stands for ‘glamorous camping’ which means luxury camping. In short, it is an easy way to camp by spoon-feeding the people who do not want to worry about setting up the tent or bring their own camping equipment.

Cockatoo Island is a perfect place for glamping and camping. It is only about 30-minutes ferry ride from the Sydney city centre (Circular Quay). Since we came here in the winter season, there were only very few people staying on the island.

A few photos for glamping on Cockatoo Island:


Our Glamping Experience

The sea view is romantic

We bought the normal glamping package, and the tents are facing the sea which gives us a very good view! The mini-glamping and camping sites are in different location.

Our glamping tent is warm and cosy

I had a good night sleep but my friend couldn’t sleep well (after all it is a camp bed). We absolutely love the camping chair – it was relaxing to sit here and enjoy the sea view! We had everything we need for staying overnight, including the body wash/shampoo. You have to bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste.

Like the free and fast Wi-Fi

We are surprised that the Wi-Fi is available in most of the areas of Cockatoo Island, and it is pretty fast! Though I feel weird to have Wi-Fi on the campground… now I am convinced that this is a luxury camping experience. 😂

Shower place is not bad

The bathroom is big and clean. The hot water is warm enough in the winter. However, the water will be automatically shut-off after 30 seconds and you will have to press the button again to keep the water running (which I don’t like but is normal for the camping sites). It means you can take shower as long as you want if you re-press the button after every 30 seconds.

Eating and drinking on the island

You can cook in the kitchen or purchase a BBQ pack. We brought the instant noodle because we were too lazy to bring our own utensils (since we only stayed for a night) and the café opens only until 5 pm. The boiling water is readily available.

The are two cafés on Cockatoo Island and their price is reasonable. You can’t bring alcohol to the island, but you can buy alcohol here for AUD$7-8 per bottle of beer/cider or a glass of wine. Click here for more information about eating and drinking on Cockatoo Island.

It is expensive but worth it

It cost AUD$175 per night for two people (different price for Mini-glamping or in the weekdays) which are a bit expensive but is worth the experience! After all, it is a luxury package of the camping which is quite a unique experience for those who haven’t done it.


What to do on Cockatoo Island?

1. Stargazing 🌠

We arrived on Cockatoo Island after 4 pm and had to call the staff (through phone) to check in. At night, we hid in the tent because there were many mosquitos in the outside. Anyway, we can’t do much after 5 pm in the winter because the sky is already dark and we feel cold outside the tent. But if you are lucky that the sky is clear, you can sit on the camping chair and stargaze.

2. Just Relax 🍻

Just sit on the camping chair and enjoy the view of the sea. It is peaceful!

3. Explore Cockatoo Island and take photos 👣

Cockatoo Island is very small and you most probably will see most of the attractions in 2-3 hours.

4. See the colourful bench ❤️

This is the most beautiful bench that I have seen so far! It looks very colourful and elegant with the background of foliage.

5. Learn the history of the island 🏝

If you are interested in history, you can learn the history of Cockatoo Island, including the convict precinct, ship design precinct and etc. You can also purchase the audio tour for $5 per person or $8 for two. I hate history so this is not for me.



Overall, a great experience 👍🏻

We hardly saw anyone when we were exploring the island in the morning since many people will do a day trip without staying here. So if you want a less-crowded experience, come as early as you can (or explore in the next morning if you stay overnight).

Overall, it was a fascinating experience glamping on Cockatoo Island in Sydney. The glamping package is suitable for the people who want a short getaway from the busy city or the tourists who are looking for a special travel experience in Sydney.

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