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2 days in Luxembourg City

01_Luxembourg Schueberfouer

Luxembourg is a very small country in Europe. It is not a popular tourist destination so I can’t find much information online. Still, I can’t stop falling in love with this lovely place. I visited Luxembourg for Schueberfouer, a big annual fun fair event held in Luxembourg City from late Aug to early Sep. But, I found a better place to go in Luxembourg City.


I helped a lost lady

When I was walking to Schueberfouer, a lady approached me and talked to me: “do you speak English?”. It sounds like the common scam in Europe. Many people told me that I should ignore any stranger as it is unsafe in Europe, but I can’t do so. Apparently she was lost.

I was helped many times in the train station (as it was not easy as I thought, but I was lucky that I met many helpful people), so I gave her a hand. She said she was having trouble talking to anyone in the city because most of the people here do not speak English, and her GPS was not working at that time.

I helped her to search for her destination using my GPS, and we walked together since it is in the middle of the way to Schueberfouer. She is a solo female traveller as I am. We had a nice chat along the way. We are both very clumsy – I thought I helped her but maybe it’s her who helped me, because I nearly walked across the closed road as I was following GPS blindly, luckily she stopped me!



Schueberfouer is the biggest annual city funfair held on the Glacis square in the city district of Limpertsberg. Most of the stalls open from 12-2pm until midnight. I came here at about 2 pm when the sun was at its strongest.

To be honest, I did not quite enjoy the funfair because I hate sweating all the time. I think it would be very fun if you come at night… But I can’t because I promised someone that I will not go out alone at night.

02_Luxembourg Schueberfouer 03_Luxembourg Schueberfouer

Many Minions were asking me to save them, I tried but I failed 🙁 Sorry minions…


The stranger

I woke up early on the next day, so I decided to visit Le Chemin de la Corniche. It is about 20 minutes walking distance from my hotel.

When I was following GPS and walking up the bridge, I noticed a stranger was taking a photo of me. Well, I can’t stop him so I gave a smile. He showed me the photo of me that he took, and I said “nice photo!”. He then asked me to take another road – he said the view is more beautiful that way. So, I changed my walking direction and did not follow GPS this time, and so I was able to see the most beautiful view of Luxembourg City. 🙂

04_Luxembourg City Original


Le Chemin de la Corniche

Le Chemin de la Corniche is a historical walk – one of the top things to do in Luxembourg as recommended by Tripadvisor. And it is free! I strongly recommend this place. I spent more time here instead of Schueberfouer. I did not do the full walk (take up to 3.5 hours) because the weather was too hot. I just walked around and took a few photos.

05_Luxembourg City 06_Luxembourg City 07_Luxembourg City


Chocolate House

This is a lovely café with beautiful flowers. I ordered a cup of hot café latte because I can’t resist to sit down and relax here.

08_Luxembourg City Chocolate House 09_Luxembourg City Chocolate House

10_Luxembourg City Chocolate House

Something funny happened. When I was drinking coffee, suddenly there were more than 10 people taking photos of my direction (they did not come inside the café but just taking photos outside). I knew they were taking photos of this café, but I felt a bit uncomfortable because a lot of cameras were pointed at me out of a sudden. But when I think about it, they are most likely joining the group tour company – if I was one of them I would probably do the same thing too. I am glad that I was able to relax at this lovely café and had a coffee here.

11_Luxembourg City Chocolate House 12_Luxembourg City Chocolate House

I love this area – the café and the surrounding buildings. If you search GPS Rue De La Reine you will find here. 🙂


Morning market

If you come early enough, you may find the morning market. It is a small market and is very clean. Here are fresh fruits and vegetables. I will buy if I am staying for longer!

13_Luxembourg City Morning Market


Wandering in the city

This city centre is close to Le Chemin de la Corniche.

A relaxing walk.

14_Luxembourg City 15_Luxembourg City 16_Luxembourg City 17_Luxembourg City


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