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Macau – what to do here if you are not into gambling

Macau is a heaven for gamblers as it is best known for the casino industry. Many tourists who have been to Macau have visited casino here. Some people told me there are not many things to do in Macau besides gambling. It may be true, but actually, there are healthier things to do in Macau that are suitable for everyone at any age.

Ben’s parents came to Hong Kong for a week, and then we spent two days in Macau. It is very easy to travel from Hong Kong Island to Macau by ferry (takes less than one hour).

Transport tips in Macau: In the ferry terminal in Macau, there are many free shutter bus/van to the major hotels, such as Grand Lisboa, The Venetian, City of Dreams and many other places. Everyone can take the shuttle bus free of charge. Since Macau is small, you can go to many popular places (or nearby) by taking the free transport.


The House of Dancing Water

The main reason that we visit Macau is to watch the show – The House of Dancing Water at City of Dreams. It is a 90-minutes water-based live stage performance. The show is very popular at one of the most expensive stages in the world. Click here for more information.

The tickets are not cheap. There are 3 types of seats for sale, and we bought the middle seat that cost HKD$780 per person (or HKD$702 for senior citizens).

It is all about a beautiful love story. The effects are spectacular and amazing. The princess in the show is a female ballet dancer. She looks pretty and elegant. I hope I can perform a beautiful dance too. 🙂

If you are interested in watching the show then you should book the ticket earlier and check the schedule to avoid disappointment.

PS: You can also dance at the City of Dreams – there is a PlayStation here and you can dance for fun. 😝


The Venetian

The Venetian is an interesting building. It is a hotel/ casino/ shopping mall. What is most interesting is the decoration, i.e. the European style buildings and ‘streets’, as well as the canals and gondola which is the symbol of Venice. The blue sky is the wall decoration. Ben said it is even more Venetian than Venice.

From time to time you can hear the gondoliers singing. I have been to the real Venice but they didn’t sing. 😂 This is so interesting.

There are many great spots to take photos in this beautiful place. The only downside is that it is very crowded here.


The Parisian

The Parisian is just a short walk from The Venetian. It looks very grand and majestic, although the decorations may be a bit exaggerated? The Parisian does look very impressive at first sight, but it seems very artificial if you stay here for a while. It is too expensive to shop at The Venetian and The Parisian, but they are nice for a walk. 🙂

We should have our lunch at The Parisian instead of The Venetian as there are fewer people here. In the end, we had coffee at one of the shops here – so luxurious, isn’t it?

‘Eiffel Tower’ in Macau

‘Eiffel Tower’ in Macau

It is obvious that it is fake as we can see the connector, Haha. Oh yes, we didn’t pay to go to the top of the ‘Eiffel Tower’ because it is more expensive (cost 100 MOP) than the entrance fee to the real Eiffel Tower in Paris. 😂


Ruins of St Paul’s and other nearby attractions

Well, it is a shame for not visiting Ruins of St Paul’s since it is one of the best-known landmarks in Macau (and finally, it is outdoor!). From here, you can easily walk to a few attractions nearby, such as Monte Forte and Senado Square.

Ruins of St Paul’s, Macau

Ruins of St Paul’s, Macau

Monte Forte, Macau

Monte Forte, Macau

You can walk to Senado Square and enjoy FREE food sample from the shops, so you won’t be hungry. 😋 There are many souvenirs shops in this area, and many of them sell sealed cookies/biscuits. It is a good idea to buy some souvenirs here – it may be slightly expensive since it is a tourist area, but I don’t think it will be too bad because of the high competition.


Eat and Walk

Macau is popular for its blend of Portuguese and Chinese culture. It is nice to walk and explore this sophisticated city by foot. Even if you are not into gambling, it is no harm to visit a few casinos to feel the atmosphere. Oh yes, remember to bring your passport as they may deny your access if you look below 18/21 years old. Also, enjoy some delicious food after a walk.

Must try Portuguese egg tart (Chinese: 葡挞). It is a delicious sweet pastry that you can see it everywhere in Macau.

Also try Pork Chop Bun (Chinese:豬扒包) as is also very famous in Macau. Better still, enjoy it at any tea restaurant and serve with a milk tea. 🙂


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