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A day trip to Malmö from Copenhagen

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden. It takes less than one hour to travel between these two Scandinavian countries through train – Copenhagen (Denmark) to Malmö (Sweden). Since I am staying in Copenhagen for 4 nights, it makes sense for me to do a one-day trip to Malmö.

Thanks to the suggestion of a friend that I met in Amsterdam who introduced Malmö to me, so I am able to visit this city and add one more country to my ‘done list’ 😝…

It costs 192 DKK (about €26) for a return train ticket. One important thing to note is that effective from January 2016, you must bring your passport if you travel from Copenhagen to Sweden. You will also need to stop at Copenhagen airport (can be reached by train) before going to Malmö.


Wandering in the city

I arrived Malmö at about 11 am. It was a perfect sunny day to walk around in the city. It is interesting to walk around in a city/country that you have never been. I had a pleasant walk here. There were some interesting buildings in Malmö that captured my attention.

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I also went to the garden which is in the middle of the city. The garden was quite big. I wish my future home will have a nice garden nearby 🙂


Also visited the Malmö Castle, but did not pay to visit the museum.


Had a spaghetti at Epicure restaurant. I was having a tight budget so I just ordered the cheapest meal. It was very delicious.


It is easier to go from Malmö to Copenhagen as I do not have to stop at Copenhagen airport or to show my passport. Without doing so I can take a direct train that just takes 35 minutes.

To be honest, I don’t find too much difference between Copenhagen and Malmö, although they are different countries. But I noticed that Copenhagen is cleaner while Malmö is quite dirty as I see rubbish everywhere (sorry I forgot to take a picture!). I recommend spending around 5-6 hours in Malmö. It is a good place to visit if you stay at least 3,4 days in Copenhagen, otherwise just stick to Copenhagen. There are more things to do in Copenhagen.

Let me recommend a more interesting blog about Malmö (obviously they enjoyed this place more than me!): Click here.

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