The not-so Perfect Person

Today is a rainy day, with some beautiful sunshine. The weather is unpredictable!

Sometimes I am unpredictable as well, and I myself don’t even know how and why I feel that way.

I am just a very ordinary human. Yesterday my boss told me “You shouldn’t make this mistake. I am relying on you to be accurate. What is wrong with you lately?”

Surprisingly I do not feel too sad (I admit I am a little bit sad). The downside is that I am not so accurate anymore, as I am making mistakes. Although I don’t like to be too accurate anyway. For some reasons I hate the fact that everything must be perfect and everything must has a rationale.

Someone said that I am too rational, but in another side of me is the emotion that no one can see and touch.

Planning is good, but sometimes I would like to go with the flow without too much planning, because from my past experiences the happiest moments in life often come when you are least prepared.


I am happy when I received a free coffee after collecting 10 stamps,
I am happy when someone brought me a bubble milk tea in a hectic day,
I am happy when I do not feel the loneliness anymore because of those small little things.

Sometimes, it is not about the free gift but the heart,
Sometimes, the sweetness does not come from the sugar,
Sometimes, things move on without any reason and rationale isn’t it?

If, the imperfect bring happiness, what is bad about it even if it is wrong?


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