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This is my life

Scorching Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

My life was predictable before I came to New Zealand. I worked for a big multinational company in my home country; I had a slightly better income as compared to the people at my age, and I also had a consistent group of friends. Everything seems flawless to me at that point of time. It seems that my life will shine if I continue to live that way.

But one day, I decided to leave them. Well, I have an ‘itching feet’. 😛 I gave up a stable office job and became a farmer. I left my warm home saying goodbye to the people who love me, and then began my long journey in an unfamiliar country. I really want to do something crazy when I am still young. At that time I didn’t realize that: this decision will change my life forever.

I was not hoping for any return from this journey. I was just following my heart and did what I really wanted to do. I want to see the world.

When I resigned from my company, many people said to me “You should think about your future.” “You should stay at your job, so that you will be promoted” “It is safer to stay in your home country” bla bla bla…

They are very kind, because they are worried about my future and give me advice. I really do appreciate them. I listened to them carefully. They were trying to tell me about the right thing to do. But, who can really define the ‘right thing’ and who can determine what is important for me other than myself? I did not argue with any of them. People can give any advice that they want, but the final decision is made by myself. I am hesitate only if I am not determined enough.

When I received a permanent job offer in New Zealand, many people (including those who disagreed with my idea of leaving home previously) said that I was extremely lucky. I knew that. I admit that it requires 95% of luck and only 5% of effort. But what most people did not aware is that, that 5% effort is required in the beginning so that the 95% of luck can happen!

If you are reluctant to make sacrifice, you will never get more than what you are having now.

At first, I was hesitant to accept the offer. I wasn’t confident with my English and worried about my ability to work well in oversea country, because I was sheltered by my family and friends in the past. I doubt if I could survive alone in Wellington. But, I decided to accept this challenge eventually. I want to give it a try regardless of the end result, so that I have no regret in my life. There is a voice in my heart: “Do not let the opportunity go away.” Be brave.

I do not understand when some people define the value by something concrete, such as money and career. For me, the experience and memory are the most important because they will stay with me forever. It wasn’t a bad thing for me even if I didn’t get the offer, as I still enjoy my journey in New Zealand. It is a good explore in another country and is more fun than I thought of.

Today, my life is unpredictable. But this is my life. I just want to live for the sake of myself. 🙂


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