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Why I created this blog

I just realised that my blog was created more than a year ago. Time flies!

I love my blog, even though there is no clear theme on my blog. When I first started this blog, I wanted to make it a travel blog and jot down all the places that I have been. I have not been travelling much recently, so it records all the trivial things in my life at the moment. πŸ˜›


What was the original intention to write this blog?

β€œTo become a famous blogger?”

β€œTo make money on the blog?”

β€œWishing someone to read my blog and like it?”
Hmm… maybe?

I think about this over and over again. Finally I have an answer – it is to become the person that I like. It is not about pleasing others but to engage with myself. The person who has expressed herself is attractive, and I want to be such person. I feel contented when I write. Well, at least these words inspire one person – myself. Since I am living alone with no family and less friends, this blog has become some form of spiritual sustenance for me.


This is a blog about me

I have no background on the website coding, so it takes me much time to create and design this blog. This blog is not professional but it has my heart on it, and it will be improved over time. When I am writing, I am concentrate and passionate.

Memories will be faded away; money will be spent away; relationship will be gone away without putting efforts continuously. But, I can reflect on the words and photos in my blog later, again and again – this is a place with my thoughts and feelings. It reminds me on how wonderful my life is.

Because of this blog, I am learning to write, design and network. I start to read books again; I start to plan for more activities (so I have more things to write about); I start to read similar blogs and their precious experiences. It is definitely a good decision to write a blog on the website.

By the way, recently I have finished reading a book: β€œEverybody Writes”. I think this is a good book as it does improve my writings a bit.

I am still working on my blog so that it will be ready.

I hope a few years later when I look back at my blog and I will tell myself: Wow, I have such an amazing life!


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