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3 days in rainy Budapest

Budapest is the capital of Hungary. We took an 80-minute flight from Bucharest (city of Romania) to Budapest. Budapest is a huge city with a lot of things to see and do, provided if it is a sunny weather.

Unfortunately, we had three rainy days in Budapest.


Hop-on and Hop-off Bus

We bought the hop on hop off bus ticket for €25 per person. Taking the hop-on-hop-off bus is a good idea in the big city like Budapest especially on a rainy day. By doing so, we can see most of the popular attractions in the city and get off whenever we like.


Inside the hop-on hop-off bus


View from the bus


Heroes’ Square in Budapest, Hungary

I kept telling Ben: “I want a revolution!”
Ben said: “Why? Revolution is for people who want a change. You are so lucky, later your life will change to a miserable one.” 😅


The cruise

One of the must-do things in Budapest is taking the cruise. The ticket of the cruise was included in our hop-on-hop-off bus ticket that we bought yesterday.

Ben looks so happy…

04-budapest-cruise 05-budapest-cruise

The famous romantic Chain Bridge… but not so romantic on a rainy day!


Parliament Building is magnificent!


Hungary = hungry? I thought we look hungry but it looks more like we were having Delhi belly… And it seems that Ben was trying hard not to laugh… 😂

07-budapest-parliament-building 08-budapest-parliament-building


Massage & Jacuzzi

We did something luxurious at our hotel, e.g. Swedish massage and Jacuzzi. Luckily Ben bought a swimming pant in Santorini, so we could go Jacuzzi. It was so relaxing! Ben said we should do massage & Jacuzzi more often in the future, to enjoy life. So I have his words. 😈

When we checked out the hotel, Ben suddenly hugged me and asked me to promise him something. I said “depends.” He asked me to let him pay for the accommodations in Budapest and the massage. I said no… Since he already paid for the flights and the accommodations in Greece, I insisted on paying for this. But I was so happy of his generosity for me.


Walk and Eat in Budapest

We spend a lot of time eating since we can’t walk in many places on the rainy days. Luckily Budapest has some very good food.


Having tiramisu at our hotel


La Pampa Steakhouse


A café


In Hungary… Now hungry…


Costa café


Café at Sofitel Hotel. This café has very good view as we can see the famous Chain Bridge.


Háček Restaurant

We went to the popular Alexandra Book Café but unfortunately, it was closed due to some events!


Hungry again…


A street in Budapest


St Stephen’s Basilica in the night


Keleti Railway Station


Hope I have chance to see the real Budapest

We were unlucky as the rains really affect our trip in Budapest. We still had a great time here, but I hope I can come again and explore more of this city. Although the hop-on-hop-off bus can take us to some of the major attractions, we believe Budapest has more than that. For example, we did not have a chance to go inside the famous thermal baths which was something that we looked forward to before the trip.

But given this is the only time that my trip has been affected by the rain at a specific destination (during my entire 2-month trip in Europe), perhaps I am considered very lucky. 🙂

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