Austria, Europe

2 days in Vienna

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is a beautiful city. I love its elegance and tranquillity, as well as the exquisite sculptures that you can see in everywhere. Furthermore, Vienna has the best quality of life in the world for seventh year in a row (as of 2016). It is a good idea to walk around the city aimlessly: enjoy the good view, good coffee, and good life.


Vienna, Austria




Starlight Suiten Hotel Salzgries

I like this hotel very much. The room was luxurious and spacious with all the facilities that we need. We can adjust the lighting of the room to the colour that we want… so romantic! We can also look at the stars from the top window at night (can open/close all the windows by pressing the button), unfortunately, there was no star during our stay.


The price was about €100 per night – not cheap. But given everything in Vienna is expensive, I think this is a reasonable price for a 4-star hotel located in the city centre. By the way, we received a special offer to upgrade from classic room to the deluxe room for only additional €10 per night (normal price is €60). So we took the offer. 🙂


Explore Vienna in cold weather

I love seeing exquisite sculptures in this lovely city. They look so pretty and impressive.

b1-vienna-sculpture b2-vienna-sculpture

It was really cold. Yet, we joined the free walking tour to get to know the city better. Once the walking tour finished, we were the first person to give the tip and ran away (literally) to avoid the cold. By the way, Ben took a photo of me in front of the square during the tour. 🙂


Our tour guide recommended the best schnitzel restaurant in Vienna: Figlmuller Restaurant. She said, “this is where you will have dinner tonight”. So, we came in the night and was asked to leave because it was full as we did not have any reservation. 😫 It looks like an extremely popular restaurant here and we definitely want to try it in our future visit to Vienna.

To be honest, I prefer listening to the story from Ben rather than from the tour. For example, Ben told me the story about Lady Godiva when we saw Godiva Chocolates on the street. His stories are spontaneous and more interesting.

Ben kept laughing at the wiener restaurants (wiener means sausage or a man’s penis). 😡

b4-vienna-wiener-restaurant b5-vienna-wiener-restaurant b6-vienna-wiener-restaurant


Vienna in the sun

I visited Vienna over a month ago when I was travelling alone, but I didn’t really explore much in this city at that time because I was sick. Apparently, the weather was sunnier during my previous visit!

c1-vienna-sunny c2-vienna-sunny


Haus Der Musik

The Haus Der Musik is an interactive sound museum. I thought the museum would be boring, but I was surprised as we had a very enjoyable time here.

It is a big museum, where you can find everything about the famous composers who were born/had worked in Vienna such as Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Strauss; you can also learn about the theories of sound, and much more… But what I like the most in the museum are the games.

The stair itself is a musical instrument, you hear the sound when you step on it.


My favourite game – throw the dices and the system will automatically compose the music based on the numbers.

d2-haus-der-musik-dices d3-haus-der-musik-dices-screen

We composed our first music together – though a machine. 😂 Here it is:

Music screen… it is all about composing music.


And the coolest thing is that I became a music conductor!



Food in Vienna

Had a proper meal at a locals’ restaurant in Vienna: Toni’s Restaurant. It was very delicious.


Toni’s Restaurant

I love eating street food in Europe, especially sausages. They are cheap and really tasty. Ben also loved it and he had two sets of meals in the end…

e3-vienna-wiener-sausage-with-bread e4-vienna-hot-dog e2-vienna-wiener-wurstl

Café Leopold Hawelka – it was highly recommended by the tour guide. It was a very busy locals’ café. Taste good. 😋


Café Leopold Hawelka


Café Leopold Hawelka


Café Leopold Hawelka


A kebab restaurant


A café

Having a coffee in café is very relaxing, especially the coffee in Vienna is so good. 🙂


Goodbye Vienna

Vienna is a great destination for travellers. It is clean, peaceful and really beautiful. The only downside is that the things in Vienna are quite expensive.

This is the end of our trip in Vienna, as well as the end of my 2-month adventurous trip in Europe. I feel sad that my trip has ended. Sometimes I am tired when I travel, yet, I miss it so much when I left. There are many stories along with my journey. I hope I can go again.

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