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4D Trip in Da’an District, Taipei

Many people said: “the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan is people.” I couldn’t agree more, after travelling to Taipei for 4 days with my mum. Also, the Taiwanese food is so good that I couldn’t stop eating. I really like the people and food in Taiwan.


4 Days Trip to Taiwan with my mum

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan. To be honest, I didn’t do much research for this trip. I booked a flight to Taipei when I found a cheap deal, and I also quickly booked the accommodation via Airbnb. This is because I just want a relaxing trip with my mum so we could spend some time together.



AirBnb in Taiwan

This is the first time I am staying in the Airbnb. In case you don’t know what it is, Airbnb is an online marketplace enabling people to list their house/apartment on the website to rent out for short-term. A really cool idea right?


My mum and I stayed at Alice’s apartment in Da’an District in Taipei. We had our private room. The room was very good – cosy and clean – and had all the facilities that we need. It was better than my expectation! I also like that we were staying in the residential area so we can feel the locals’ life.

In fact, many people give positive reviews for the Airbnb in Taiwan. So, it is a good try if you are planning to visit Taiwan!


Da’an District, Taipei


I like Da’an District in Taipei, a residential area with many shops and restaurants. There is also a big morning market located just one-minute walking distance from our stay. We can go to some popular attractions easily by taking MRT and a short taxi ride.

Exploring Da’an district with my mom. We bought a lot of groceries:


The Da’an district is suitable for old people like my mum because there are many parks and gardens. In fact, we saw many old people walking around and doing exercise in the big square in front of our stay. Looks like Taiwan is a nice place to retire!


Linjiang Night Market


The main reason that I want to visit Taiwan is the food. I love Taiwanese food. I went to Linjiang Night Market almost every day because it is just located about 15 minutes walking distance from our stay.


I love Taiwanese sausage very, very much…


The best food that I have had in the night market: Devil’s crispy chicken! Super tasty.


I was addicted to Tiramisu since I visited Italy, and surprisingly the Tiramisu here was really good as it was made by an Italian.

Unfortunately, we did not go to the most famous night market in Taipei – Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) this time because it was a bit far.


Taipei Zoo

A zoo is a place that makes kids and adults happy. We had a good time in Taipei Zoo.

The zoo is not big and does not have many animals, yet I like it because the zoo is very clean and the facilities are good and there are plenty of restaurants and shops here. It is interesting to observe the locals around us while walking in the zoo.

11-taipei-zoo 09-taipei-zoo 10-taipei-zoo 12-taipei-zoo 13-taipei-zoo 14-taipei-zoo 15-taipei-zoo 16-taipei-zoo

There were a lot of people on the day we visited the zoo!


Longshan Temple


It was a hot day. Before I came, everyone told me that Taiwan is cold in November. So I bring my winter clothing and I regret it once I arrived in Taipei. It is about 22°C in average and I can wear the shirt with short sleeves all the time but, unfortunately, I didn’t bring my short pants!


We did not enjoy the Longshan temple because the weather was too hot. But we had a good time shopping around that area, as there are many locals’ shops and restaurant nearby the temple. We had a breakfast in a small restaurant. The bowl of braised pork on rice was quite good.

19-taipei-local-restaurant 20-taipei-braised-pork-on-rice

A small story: We went shopping and bought a few bags. One of the bags costs TWD300 but the cashier only charged us TWD100. We paid and left, and then found out we were charged less so we went back to the shop and told the boss. Apparently, the cashier was a young gal and mistook the size of the bag. The boss was mad at her but appreciate our honesty.

We walked to the most popular shopping district in Taipei, Ximending (西门町). There are too many shops in this district. We bought many bags for souvenirs and also for ourselves. However, we did not stay long in Ximending because it was too messy and overcrowded. We did not like this place.


About shopping in Taiwan: Most of the things are quite cheap, including food. So I had no choice but to have a lot of food.


Daan Forest Park


Daan Forest Park is located in Da’an district, close to our accommodation. We saw a lot of kids playing here, so I think there were some school events going on. Daan Forest Park is a good place for kids as well as older people.


There are a lot of benches. A good place to see some ‘green’ and feel natural.


We did not visit the famous Taipei 101 tower. It is not very far from our stay, but we just don’t feel like going since my mum had been there before. Who said we must visit the most popular attraction when we travel in a place?


I love Taiwan… 🙂

Taiwan is a great destination. It is a safe place with many warm-hearted people. Most of them are friendly and helpful. It is interesting to observe how the Taiwanese women talk and behave because they are too soft and polite! (very different than me 😂) I also love the Taiwanese food very much, especially Taiwanese sausage and crispy chicken. Taiwan is a place that I would like to come back again.


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