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Kuala Lumpur 3: Friends

This is a blog post for some of my KL friends. I miss my friends so much. Since my visit in KL this time was too short, I was not able to meet all of my friends. I was really happy as I had a good chat with all the friends that I met.

01_College Gang

We graduated from college five years+ ago. We had a steamboat dinner at Coco Restaurant. I am surprised that all of us have very different career life now although we studied the same course from the same college. We chatted about who have just got married and who already have kids and so on. Time flies… and we are not that young anymore (but still young!! XD)

02_Coco Steamboat 03_Coco Steamboat

My secondary school friends… Our friendship has lasted for 15 years! Our friendship may be longer than a marriage… They are always my best friends who I trust a lot. Because of them, I have had a good school time. Four of us were always together (btw, one of them is missing in the photo because she is living abroad now). I am surprised that they have slimmed down a lot! Really enjoyed the catch up 🙂

04_Secondary School Gang

I have another best friend in which our friendship has lasted for 15 years too. She brought me to eat my favourite Zhu Yok Fun (pork noodles) at SS15 Subang Jaya. Actually I was not a big fan of Zhu Yok Fun, but the Zhu Yok Fun at this restaurant is exceptionally good. We have to wait for an hour even though it is not during busy hour because the restaurant is so popular. I really love this Zhu Yok Fun – it is the food that I look forward the most when I come back. Thanks to my friend who brought me here 🙂

05_Zhu Yok Fun

We went to Mr Poker Café – quite an interesting café.

06_Mr Poker Cafe

07_FriendMy pretty friend

07_Mr Poker CafeSame colour of T-shirts!

08_Mr Poker Cafe



Another best friend of mine (10 years of friendship). He is a friend who have a lot of influence in my life. He has given me a lot of advises in many different aspects. Although he always made me angry, I knew that he values our friendship as I do.


She is my best friend. She is not my schoolmate or college mate, but we did a lot of things together. Although she is already the mother of two, we still catch up a lot. She is always there for me. We never have enough time together. BTW, the photo above was taken in the laundry shop at midnight (don’t ask me why).

Next time I will come back to KL for longer time!!


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