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Pacsafe Citysafe™ CS300 Review

(Last updated @ 10 Jun 2017)

I am a big fan of Pacsafe now.

My first Pacsafe bag was a pink sling bag, a Christmas gift from Ben. I was very impressed with the quality – very soft and safe. Since then I have been in love with Pacsafe.

Then, I was looking for a backpack for my trip to Europe so I can carry my laptop around and make sure it is safe (as I heard there are many pickpockets in Europe). So I have done a lot of research to find a suitable backpack. In the end, I bought Pacsafe Citysafe™ CS300 from Amazon. It is expensive – costs USD$99.95 excluding delivery.

Before I bought the bag, I have considered many other ranges of Pacsafe backpacks but I couldn’t make up my mind (as they are quite expensive). But, Pacsafe Citysafe™ CS300 is different. I want to buy this backpack at first sight.

A few photos of Pacsafe Citysafe™ CS300:

Pacsafe Citysafe CS300

Pacsafe Citysafe CS300 (photo taken from

Pacsafe Citysafe cs300_teal_model

Pacsafe Citysafe CS300 (photo taken from


Pros: —

Many compartments and pockets

First of all, Pacsafe Citysafe™ CS300 is designed specifically for women. You know what women like? We like compartments and pockets! There are MANY pockets in this bag. It is so easy to classify your stuff, and very handy when you want to take out a specific item.

Enhanced safety,

Of course, the biggest selling point of Pacsafe is safety. It is almost impossible for someone to steal if I have locked the bag. As you can see from the bottom left-hand side of the photo below, the zip is located behind the bag which is very different from the normal backpack (makes it hard to open the bag without your consciousness).

Furthermore, there is a hidden lock which makes it even more difficult to open – even I myself feel hard to open once I lock it. So I don’t usually lock it unless I am travelling to Europe or less-developed countries.

Details of Pacsafe Citysafe CS300

Details of Pacsafe Citysafe CS300

…as well as Pacsafe’s standard safety features

The Pacsafe’s standard safety features are also available in this bag, e.g. slash proof, RFID blocking pocket, smart zipper security, turn & lock security hooks.

Nice design

About the design, the backpack fits perfectly on my body. The teal colour looks good and stylish. It is very smooth and comfortable. There is a manufacturing warranty of 5 years so I am not worried if something goes wrong.

If you don’t like this colour, there are 3 different colours available for you to choose:


Perfect size for women

When I first received this bag, the first impression is that it is much smaller than I expected! But after playing with it for a while, I realised that I can put a lot of stuff here. I can put a Macbook, a mirrorless camera, a mini tripod, a cardigan and still have some space left. So, it is the right size for me. I don’t like a bulky backpack as it is just not so practical for a woman.


Cons: —

Just like other backpacks, there are some cons. [1] The straps are slippery so you won’t able to carry on one shoulder (you need to wear on both shoulders), [2] It’s opening is small, [3] There is no lock for the outer compartment, [4] The strap is a bit too big/bulky given the weight of the items that you are likely to carry with the size of this backpack. Anyway, I was already aware of all these before I bought the backpack because I read the reviews. They are no big deals for me.


Other Suggestion:

I also bought another bag for my trip in Europe: Pacsafe Coversafe S80 Secret Body Pouch – another bag that I love a lot. This pouch is awesome! I think the photo below is self-explanatory (I can confirm the quality is very good just like the inner wear). Just get one if you are planning for a safe trip!

Pacsafe CoverSafe S80

Pacsafe CoverSafe S80 (photo taken from


Update @ 10 June 2017

I have been using the Pacsafe Citysafe™ CS300 extensively for more than a year, and I love it very much. It still looks new as there is no sign of wear and tear – really good quality. And most importantly, I feel my belongings are very safe when I am wearing it. It is perfect for day-to-day use and also help ensure a safe travel, especially when travelling in Europe and less-developed countries. The backpack was not cheap but worth the investment as I am going to use it for many years. 🙂


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  • Reply Joandrea October 5, 2016 at 2:45 pm

    Hello there! I am very interested in getting this bag and just worried about the color. In the advertisement, the teal color is very vivid. But in your photos, it’s quite bland. Are there other photos you can post, or can you give a comment whether it’s near or far the advertised pictures? Thank you!

    • Reply CY October 5, 2016 at 7:13 pm

      Hi, good day! The real color is actually very near to the advertised pictures. Sorry about my poor quality photos (I am planning to update it using a proper camera at some point of time). Some people may not like the color as it is too vivid, but I love it very much. It is sharp and stylist. Now I am using this bag in my current trip in Europe, and I really love it. Hope you will like this bag as well! 🙂

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