Czech Republic, Europe

4 days in Prague

Prague, capital of Czech Republic, is a small and lovely city with friendly locals and good food. It is best to explore the city on foot. My recommendation is to spend at least 3-4 days in Prague, including a day trip to Kutna Hora.


Market Square, Prague, Czech Republic


John Lennon Wall, Prague, Czech Republic


Charles Bridge in the evening, Prague, Czech Republic


View from Charles Bridge at night, Prague, Czech Republic


St Barbara Cathedral, Prague, Czech Republic

It took me 4 hours to travel from Vienna to Prague by train. I did not write a blog post for Vienna because I was sick, and I need to take good care of my body! I wonder what I will see and who I will meet in Prague. 🙂


A friend from China

When I was checking-in at the hostel, a lady from China talked to me. She was travelling alone and looking for a companion, so, we have been walking together for 4 days.

I think we were good travel partners: she did a lot of ‘homework’ and acted like my tour guide explaining everything to me about Prague. Whilst, I can help to communicate with the locals (so far most of the Czech that we met can speak basic English) which is good for us.


By the way, we were lucky to meet two girls who were shooting video in the lounge at the hostel. They are very pretty and able to sing well.


Walking in the City Centre

I usually joined the free walking tour on the first/second day of my arrival, so I did the same in Prague. My friend (from China) followed me but she couldn’t understand most of it because it was an English tour. The tour should last 2.5-hour but eventually took more than 3 hours. She kept yawning and I felt guilty.

The Czech Republic is not a rich country but the Czechs are happy and friendly. I can see many Chinese tourists everywhere in Prague, including my hostel. After the tour, we walked around in Prague. This city is lovely!


Like the tram here!


I feel that the picture above is a bit wrong… 😥😥


Dancing Building – A famous building in Prague. It looks like a man hugging a woman. 💃🕺


We ate a lot of grilled meats. The grilled pork was very delicious. Having such good food and enjoying the street performance… isn’t this one of the ultimate happiness in life? 🙂


Market Square. There is a famous Chinese song from Jolin Tsai that I like. The song is about the market square in Prague.

~ I stand in the market square in Prague in the evening ~


Prague is very beautiful at night as well!


Charles Bridge is a must-go

This is one of the most famous places in Prague. The view is wonderful. The best time to visit Charles Bridge is in the early morning (when the sun is rise) and evening (when the sun is set). It was hopeless for me to wake up in the morning, so we went in the afternoon, evening and night.


If you walked on the bridge, you may see many people are touching this statue. This is a famous statue called ‘the statue of John of Nepomuk’. If you touch it, it means you will come back to Prague again… so do not touch if you do not like Prague!! Also, be sure to touch at the correct area (I touched at the wrong area on the photo above 😝).


The view in the sunny afternoon



The view in the evening

d03-prague-charles-bridge-in-the-evening d04-prague-charles-bridge-in-the-evening


And the view at night


At Charles Bridge, there are many portraiture artists and you can ask for a drawing of your face at a good price. I didn’t buy the drawing because I didn’t want to carry my drawing around for the rest of my Europe trip.


Prague Castle is overrated

We went to Prague Castle on the next day because we need at least half a day to explore the castle. We woke up in the early morning and took the wrong bus for 3,4 times… It was fun. 😂 When we arrived in Prague Castle, we saw many people queueing for the security. Luckily it was quite fast but still took about 20 minutes.

f01-prague-castle-church f02-prague-castle-view-from-the-top f03-prague-castle

I spent 250 CZK (€10) to visit most of the famous attractions inside the Prague Castle. To be honest, I think the place is too touristy. We did not quite enjoy the castle. We came in the weekdays in September, I can’t imagine how many people it will be during peak season! I bought a present for my brother here.


Strahov Monestary is stunning

A must-go place in Prague is Strahov Monestary which is just nearby the Prague Castle. It is less touristy than Prague Castle. It costs 100 CZK for the entry and extra 50 if you want to take photograph.

g01-strahov-monestary g02-strahov-monestary


Letná is unique

This is one of the most scenic places in Prague. From here, you can see 7 bridges in Prague on the top of the hill. Be sure to drink a beer and relax here!

h01-prague-letna h02-prague-letna h03-prague-letna-beer

I lost half of the glass of beer. I put the beer on the floor while taking photos and then it was gone after a few minutes. We asked the guys who borrowed us the equipment. Although they claimed that they did not take my beer, the phone camera of my friend had the evidence – it was one of them took my beer. I did not feel angry but just feel a bit funny. 😂😂


Kutna Hora – the best day trip from Prague

Kutná Hora is a city east of Prague in the Czech Republic. There are a few famous attractions here. In my opinion, the Church of Bone is fascinating and worth a visit.


The Church of Bone

Those bones are real from many dead people. It is a bit creepy. I will be very scared if I am the only person here!

i01-prague-church-of-bones i02-prague-church-of-bones i03-prague-church-of-bones

You can buy the ticket to Church of Bones and St Barbara Church at the same place. It takes about 20 minutes between these two places by bus. Be careful – the public transportation showing on GPS may not be correct; it would be better to ask for the details at the tourist information centre.


St Barbara Church

St Barbara Church is a stunning place. The statues here are really exquisite and you won’t find the same statue here. It is one of the most beautiful churches that I have ever been.


A Hong Kong boy was lost at the train station and asked us for direction. Since we are going to the same place, we have been walking together. He appeared in my photo below… Good companion.


Jesuit College

Jesuit College is a large art gallery. The reason we visit Jesuit College was that the entrance fee was included in our ticket (to the Church of Bone and St Barbara Church).



Wandering in the street of Kutna Hora

I love the street in Kutna Hora. It is very quiet and colourful which is different from the city centre in Prague. Some people here cannot speak English. Anyway, we love this small city – a good escape from the city.

j02-prague-kutna-hora-street j03-prague-kutna-hora-street j05-prague-kutna-hora-naked-drink

We found many sexual products. 😳 Look like the people here are open-minded!


I love Prague

Some funny stories at my hostel

I stayed at McSleep hostel for 4 nights and really love this hostel. It is comfortable and has a feel of ‘home’ (except there is no lock in the bathroom which I do not like). I also met many amazing people from different countries. And I finally cooked my dinner for the very first time in my Europe trip.


There was one night I was very hungry, an unknown Chinese gal ‘donated’ a pork knuckle to me (she had it for lunch but couldn’t finish it). Pork knuckle is one of the most famous dishes in Prague. I was so glad and so satisfied… she was so kind!

I was a liar?

After the dinner, I chatted with the people at my hostel. The hostel’s staff asked if I am a typical Malaysian and I said ‘yes’. After a while, I told him that I am a Chinese. Unexpectedly, the staff was shocked and said, “but you told me you are Malaysian! That’s why I asked if you are a typical Malaysian”.

“Yes, I am a Malaysian and am also a Chinese”, I replied.
“No, you are not… You lied to me!”, he said and insisted on saying that I lied. 😭

On the last day of my stay, I met two Singaporeans at my hostel and the staff told them when pointing at me: “she is not a typical Malaysian.”

“You have to help me to explain… he kept saying that I lied to him”, I seek the help from the two Singaporeans (since Singapore is very close to Malaysia and we have the similar culture).

Then, one of them explained to the hostel’s staff, “Malaysia is a country; Chinese is a race… blah blah blah”…

“No.. I don’t care.. she is not a Malaysian.”

I am tired of explaining… maybe he just wanted to pick on me. 😥😥

I was having a sore throat and cough, coincidently one of the Singaporeans was also sick and gave me the medicine. We had a chat until midnight. I thought it was alright because my train departs at 11 am, but later I realised it will depart at 9 am! Luckily I checked again before I went to bed… So I only slept 5 hours. 😭😭


Prague is an interesting destination ❤️

Overall I had a really good time in Prague. It is a charming city and relatively cheap to travel in Europe. It is easy to fall in love with Prague. I hope I can come back again.

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