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Orange Mundo Sim Card Review: A Single Prepaid Sim Card for Multiple European Countries


‼️ This post will replace the earlier post ‘SimCorner Review – GoEurope Prepaid Sim Card’ published in 2016, because SimCorner (the third-party provider) has ceased to sell the GoEurope sim card. However, it is still possible to get this sim card through other third-party providers and continue to use it.‼️


If you are travelling to many countries in Europe and do not want to buy a separate sim card in each place, then Prepaid Orange Mundo Sim Card is a great choice. It allows you to use mobile data in many European countries, so you can use GPS/ browse webs and social medias/ contact family and friends at any time. You will also have a European number to make or receive urgent calls.

In this post, I will share our personal experience (including pros and cons) after using this sim card in more than 15 European countries over the last one year.


About The Prepaid Orange Mundo Sim Card

  • What is this sim card? It is operated by Orange company based in Spain and therefore comes with a Spanish phone number. With this sim card, you can use mobile data or make calls in almost all European countries. More details can be found here.
  • How much does it cost to use mobile data? In June 2017, they have introduced the data packages which is much cheaper than before! The recommended plans are 7€ for 1GB or 10€ for 2GB or 15€ for 3GB (excluding any promotion) and valid for a month. You can check the official Sim Mundo website (in Spanish) to look for any promotion or other prepaid plans at the moment.
  • How to buy this sim card? If you are not living in Spain, you can buy it online through third-party providers. I bought my sim card from SimCorner, but unfortunately, they have ceased to sell this sim card. Another third-party provider that I have found online (but haven’t personally bought from them) is SpainSur which looks promising and they do shipping all over the world.
  • How about Top-up? I used to top up through SimCorner but unfortunately, they no longer offer this service. It seems like top-up service is available from their official website but I also heard that it is complicated to reload from overseas as they may deny non-Spanish credit card. There are many top-ups sellers on the internet.



  • Can be used in many countries in Europe. The sim card supports more than 30 countries in Europe: Spain, Austria, Finland, Iceland, Martinique, Slovakia, Belgium, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Slovenia, Bulgaria, French, Guiana, Italy, Norway Sweden, Croatia, Germany, Latvia, Poland, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Greece, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Czech Republic, Guadeloupe, Lithuania, Reunion, Denmark, Guernsey, Luxembourg, Romania, Estonia, Hungary, Malta, San Marino. If the European countries that you are visiting are not on the list (e.g. Switzerland), you still can use the mobile data but will be very expensive.
  • Cheaper than many other options. The more countries you visit, the more value it offers to you, not to mention that you also save the effort that you need to buy a new sim card in each county.
  • Reasonably fast and stable internet connection. It uses 4G network. I have not had any trouble with the connection so far. Sometimes I need to restart my phone when it is disconnected, but it only happens once in a while and does not take long to be resolved.



  • You can only use this sim card in Europe with the above rate for a maximum of 4 months (unless you visit Spain to prolong roaming). AND, this sim card will be de-activated after 6 months if you do not top-up any amount. In my opinion, these are the biggest downsides of this sim card. These are the new rules effective from June 2017. After 4 months, the price changes to the usual. After 6 months without top-up, you will lose the number. You can top up as low as 5€ every 6 months to retain the number, however, I don’t find it worthwhile to do so if I can only use the sim card in Europe for 4 months (unless I visit Spain).
  • Difficult to check phone balance in some countries. I received unknown errors when trying to check credit balance in some European countries. Until now, I haven’t found a solution but it is not a big deal for me.
  • Different language. Their official websites are in Spanish, so you can only get most of the information in English from the third-party provider or this post. When you dial *111# to check balance, the response is in Spanish. Luckily, Google Translate is really helpful so it should not be a big problem as well.



The Prepaid Orange Mundo Sim Card is suitable for the travellers (especially backpackers) who are planning to visit multiple European countries within the 4-month period. It is a cheap option with a reasonably good network connection. Personally, it is one of the best things that I have bought for my trip to Europe.

However, it is not a good option if you are travelling to less than 2-3 European countries OR if you are making a few trips and take more than 4 months in total. It is difficult to keep this sim card for long-term use based on the new rules (read Cons above) which makes it less appealing.


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